Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Book Worth $479 (Really???)

So you know how you google your name (don't judge me!) just to see what comes up? On the first page, I found lots of things to embarrass my children with in later years. On the second page, I found THIS:

In case you can't read that, you too can have my little paperback book for only $479 through Mercado Libre. First of all, who the fuck is Mercado Libre and why are they selling my book for $479???

So I went back a little toward sanity, stopped reading my listings under my Googled name and just tried to send you to the appropriate site. That's when I found THIS:

Who is C. Michael Newton and why is he selling my book for $64.04 and $80.33?

I used to think the internet was my friend, but you know what they say? No, I don't know what they say either, but apparently it can be used for good or harm.

If you'd actually like to buy my book and have the proceeds go to St. Baldrick's Foundation to aid the cure for childhood leukemia, here's the correct link: Real Book. I promise you that the $11.99 version is just as good (read exactly the same) and some of your money will really go to charity. I can also promise you that buying it for $479 or anything above $11.99 gets you the same book for a lot more money and none of it goes to charity.

I want to know who these people are and whether they've actually sold any books for those amounts because if they did (a) I want my money and (b) I really want my money. There's a lawsuit here, I think.

Buy the book. But for $11.99. Even though I'm flattered they think someone would actually spend those amounts for my little paperback book.

I've sold a few. I'd like to sell more. I'd like to sell them for $479. I'd like to know who C. Michael Newton is and why he is reselling my book at 10 times the cost. There are a lot of things I'd like to know.

The internet can be a strange and wonderful place or a strange and dangerous place or a strange and weird place where people steal things that aren't theirs. I guess you have to decide who to trust and where to go on the internet. It's like high school, but with people who want a lot more than your lunch money and try to shove your book into a locker.

I'm at a loss.


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