Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sand Art

Justin and I were walking along the beach around sunset last night and something said I needed to draw in the sand. Very out of character, Justin snapped a few pictures of me "drawing."

I don't think Justin knows what to do with himself without his phone going off every 30 seconds and not having to check his computer constantly. He is reading, swimming, sleeping...and more relaxed than I have seen him in forever. This is the Justin I fell in love with. I will have to remember to do a little sand art heart just for him.

I like going down to the beach after dinnertime, when the sun's rays aren't so strong, there's a nice breeze, and most of the tourists have gone back to their rental houses. It's so peaceful. This afternoon, Ben took me out to lunch (and paid!) and we stopped at a little shop on the way back and bought chairs, so I think after dinner tonight, we will probably take the chairs and the boys down to enjoy the water one more time. It was quite chilly when we first got here, but has gotten much warmer today. I'm just hoping to avoid a sunburn. Apparently, I have enough Irish in me that just glancing out the window attracts those nasty UV rays and I burn immediately.

Although we are across the coastal highway from the beach, the walk is very short and people seem to be fairly considerate about letting you cross. No complaints about, well, anything! Except that this isn't home year round. We need to start looking into beach properties as soon as the last kid has graduated high school.

I'm in my happy place. Literally. I need lots of rest, but rest is available here in abundance. It's a fight as to whether I'm going to stitch (looking out the window from time to time at the ocean), sleep, go to the beach, or eat my weight in brownies. Justin and my mom seem to be enjoying the cooking, so I have happily handed that task over and am making up for it by trying to grab everyone's dirty laundry and take care of it.

View from our Deck
We've decided that next year will be the year of the (actual) oceanfront house. I told the kids they could choose between Christmas and having a kick ass beach house next year. I wasn't kidding.

I think I may have found the cure for fibromyalgia. It's not that I'm not feeling it. It's just that I don't care because all of my stress has disappeared. This needs to be a permanent situation and not just a week! (I'll start working on Justin to find us a place soon because we're going to need the five years we have before Joey graduates to find a place that we can afford and pay for the hurricane insurance.)

P.S. I think next year we need to bring the dogs with us. The furry ones are the only thing really missing here!



  1. It sounds like you're having a wonderful vacation, Chelle!

  2. That looks fabulous!! I'm really curious as to what beach you're at. Email me!

  3. Enjoyed my visit here and hugs to you. We also have some similar interests, I too am a crafter and thank goodness I can still do it when my body allows.

    http://nightdreamer371.blogspot.com craft blog
    http://stillsurviving371.blogspot.com health blog


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