Friday, May 11, 2012

One Last (Hopefully) Stitchy Update

Just one more stitchy post until I can figure out a name for my new cross stitch blog. Thank you everyone for your ideas. I really want to include the word "domestic" in the title, but blogger keeps telling me none of my various combinations are available.

I dragged myself out of bed this morning and wasn't sure I could make it to embroidery club, but I knew I would be really sad if I didn't make it, so I forced myself to get up and get going. And here is the result!

I have a finished name tag! So thrilling. And the techniques I learned will allow me to finish the two Christmas ornaments I've got upstairs that I wasn't sure how to proceed on.

If anyone has experience with blogger, could you let me know? I really need to figure out how to find a name that is actually available. Is it possible that all of the name combinations are taken? Is the blogosphere full already? Scary...

I'm planning on a DMV trip tomorrow with Jamie, as we didn't get there last week. Not too thrilled about going to the DMV on a Saturday, but a promise is a promise and I know he is anxious to start learning how to drive Justin's sports car so he can wait until we go to bed and sneak it out to impress all the girls. "Hey, baby, wanna ride?"

I'm a little scared that he wants to learn to drive a stick shift. Ben never had any interest and still doesn't, which enabled us to keep our insurance costs down. Justin is insisting that he will start Jamie out on the sports car and teach him to drive the standard transmission from the get go. It is a good skill to have, but I worry about that car, because if something happens to it, Jamie's going to feel just awful and Justin will probably ground him until he's 50.

I should be cleaning bathrooms, since my cleaning person is out due to rotator cuff surgery and won't be back for probably another 3-4 weeks. I've been keeping up with the downstairs pretty well and have done a good job of cleaning the half bath every week, but just thinking about the upstairs makes me groan and find something else to do as quickly as possible. Upstairs is our master bath with soaking tub and standing shower and I can no longer reach across the tub to clean it. Overall, bathrooms are the reason I have a cleaning person to begin with. A 45 minute bathroom cleaning session will put me on the couch for 2-3 days.

Which is why I keep bribing Jamie to clean his bathroom and wipe down the surfaces in my bathroom. I have to get my perfectionistic tendencies under control and be glad that he's willing to let me hire him.

I think I'll just hermit and stitch, even though I have no idea if it is a hermit and stitch weekend!


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  1. How about Chelle's Domestic Stitching??



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