Sunday, May 6, 2012

OMG, I Need to DO Something!

Just a couple of quick pictures. I know my blogging hasn't been really awesome lately, but, in my defense, I've been sewing my fingers to the bone trying to finish this:

Hearts and Flowers by DJ's Dreams

I promise, this will be the last time you see this piece.

Finally, finally I can say I am done with my first Love Quilt square and I am so very pleased with the way it turned out. I wasn't sure if the "LOVE" in the middle or the roses around it were going to show up, so I'm happy to see that they did. And luckily, it was all in one of my two favorite colors (10 points and a metal chicken if you can guess the other), so even while I was cursing the complexity of the pattern, I wasn't too unhappy to be working on it for so long.

And on another happy note, I have also finished my name tag for the Embroidery Guild:

Design by Betsy Morgan

Not to worry. That red border will be all covered up when I get the proper amount or cording sewn on around it.

The back of the name tag
I'm quite pleased with the way the back turned out and semi-pleased with the way the front turned out. I had originally embroidered a row of purple butterflies on the bottom, but when I realized that the name tag would be so large that birds would probably see it as a huge target when I went out with it on, I tucked the row of butterflies under. And that seems so...wrong. I may end up making myself another tag in different colors and with more butterflies. Like, at least, one?

I've also made a couple of decisions about where I'm going with this blog thing and the whole writing thing. Obviously sewing has taken precedence in my life lately and so I have decided to start a cross stitch blog and start posting my sewing on that site. I have not even sat down to figure out a title yet, so that's still in my head, but for those of you who have no interest in my sewing passion, you will be able to go back to reading only about the weird things that happen in my life. For those of you who just want sewing, you will have a place to go. And if you want both, feel free to click on both, once I get the sewing blog set up.

I've also decided to revisit the manuscript I started a year or so ago with the though that I might some day have a big enough blog audience to attract a publisher. I know that Jenny Lawson and Jen Lancaster are the exceptions, but if The Bloggess says that everyone has a story to tell, then I'm not going to tell her she's wrong.

And I have also started thinking about another children's book that Justin and I have discussed several times, using a different illustrator. I met the wonderful children's author and poet, Carolyn Wolfe, recently and read her new book, The Unhappy Little Dragon: Lessons Learned. I will be reviewing her book for her this week on this blog and I am hoping to collaborate with her on my new/old idea, as well as a glimmer of an idea that popped up on her Facebook page last week.

So, I have a lot of ideas and not much motivation, but I am hoping to gather enough energy to put some plans into place and actually make some kind of career out of the writing. And spend heavy duty amounts of time on the needlework passion. We'll see how things go.

Stay tuned...



  1. Oh Chelle! your Love Quilt Square turned out so beautifully! My favorite are the little rosebuds on the white. Congratulations!

    The nametag is adorable...the backing patchwork looks fantastic and I think it matches great with the stitching on the front!

    Oh're a brave one to start another blog! I can barely keep up with the one I have! If you do create a new one, I'll definitely be a follower!

    It is a love/hate relationship I have with ideas...I love when I get them, but I never have enough time to get to them all (the hate part!)

  2. Congrats on the finishes Chelle. They both turned out great. You did an awesome job and I love your name tag.


  3. Congrats on your finish, Chelle! The quilt square turned out great. The name tag is really pretty, too!

  4. The Love Quilts square is so gorgeous! Your nametag is great! It's a good idea to have two blogs. Good luck on your next book!

  5. Love the 'love' finished piece and am looking forward to following your stitching blog as well as this one.

    Btw, usually the publisher sets up alliances between writers and illustrators for children's books, unless you were thinking of self-publishing?


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