Thursday, May 3, 2012

Love Quilt Square, Update 3033; New Family Member!

This is where I was before I picked it up yesterday. I got almost all of the spaces in between the new cream colored squares done last night, but I am too lazy to go all the way downstairs to take a new picture.

After I finish this bit, I have to add a few decorative hearts inside the new squares in dark pink (the theme is hearts) and do a backstitch around the design inside of the border. There is some other decorative embellishment, but I think I am probably going to stop with the border backstitch because this project is starting to frustrate me and stitching is supposed to be fun.

My next square will be a simple design that is not so time consuming. I am sad that I have been unable to work on my other projects or start anything new because I have to get this finished in time for the deadline. Hoping to have it done by the end of the weekend. Which may not be possible because...

Meet our newest family member. This is Charlotte, the royal border collie princess. We will be getting her from our vet (who raises and trains border collies) tomorrow. She came to visit yesterday for a few hours and fit right in. And she adopted me as her person, which is so totally awesome. Jack loves me and all that, but he is definitely Justin's dog and Justin is Jack's "person." This little girl is four years old, is the half sister of the number one border collie in the world, is calm, quiet, non-neurotic, and had Jack calmed down within an hour. She ain't taking anything off of the psychotic nut job that is our golden! (Relax, Jack, I still love you!)

I figure it will take a day or two for us to adjust to each other. Max has already adopted her as a member of the family - he will accept anything that breathes and allows him to get as close as possible - Kylie, probably not so much. I think she will not take as long to warm up to Charlotte as she did to Jack though. Now that she's come out of a two year, self-imposed hiding after we brought Jack home, I figure another dog is probably not going to send her back into a snit. Especially this dog, who didn't bark once the entire 6 hours she was here yesterday.

Today is board meeting and guild. We will be finishing our nametags at the Guild meeting and I will be very excited to come home and take a picture to post for you. Not so excited about the board meeting, since it is Apple Blossom weekend in Winchester (a huge deal in our little town) and we are expecting a crowd of 250,000 people streaming in. This morning's event is a walk which begins at the retirement home where I go to the meetings and I am concerned about a lot of traffic and lack of parking. I am glad I will finally get to eat a meal in the restaurant where Ben waits tables though.

Tomorrow, the kids are off of school for Apple Blossom (yes, another day off - do they really even go to school?) and Jamie is now officially old enough to get his learners permit. God help me, I will be spending my Friday afternoon at the DMV. Please God, let everyone else in Winchester be attending Apple Blossom tomorrow!!!

Hopefully, I will have two completed pieces to show you the next time I post. I will also have a million pictures of the animals, because the kids won't let me put them in the pictures anymore. *Sigh*



  1. Your quilt square is looking good. Almost there. Yeah!! Congrats on the new family member. She is a cutie.


  2. Your stitching is lovely. I love your new family member. I had a border collie when I was growing up and he was a wonderful dog. I thought we were going to lose Leia last week but she is fine,apart from the arthritis.
    Good luck with the learner driving. Here we have to complete 100 hours with a learner (and detail it all in a log book) before they can try for their licence. Miss Sammyleia got her own car last week-end so we are now a 4 car family, which makes parking a bit harder in our inner city suburb!(Plus the ute that our tenant owns!)

  3. Your new dog is gorgeous. I'm sure she is a very smart dog and I'm looking forward to more pics!


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