Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Short Poll

I have a question for my cross stitch friends who do large projects (or BAP's or Big Ass Projects). Do you use a mounted frame?

I'm wondering if my HAED would be easier to work on if I used a frame or even a hoop. I never use one and if I need one for this new project, any recommendations would be appreciated. The fabric is so big that it's very hard to not get the thread caught when I am going over and under while stitching.

I noticed a lot of women in my sewing guild and in the sewing club use hoops. I've never liked using them because you have to use the "stabbing" method of sewing and because it distorts the stitches that it is covering, but I have been using the stabbing method more lately because it doesn't tangle the thread as much as sewing just on the top of the fabric. I was thinking some kind of mounted frame might be a good idea.


Let me know how you are stitching your HAED's and whether you would recommend that method or not. I know that Lesli was saying that the snap frame she was using was giving her pain in her neck (literally) and I don't want to add to my pain. If I use a large floor based frame, how would I have to sit to sew? I need a lot of support for my shoulder and wrist while I sew.

Thanks for your input. Just leave a comment for me letting me know what you prefer.

P.S. My HAED choice was Fairy on Butterfly:

Isn't she gorgeous?


  1. I always use a hoop for stitching as it helps me to keep an even tension. A hoop does not worsens pain as far as I've noticed. I just started my first HAED, so I don't know how it will go, but I am using a large hoop. I also have Q snaps but they're not ideal if you have wrist problems. They're definitively a lot heavier then a hoop.I also have frames, but not the floor standing ones. I cannot sit up properly for too long on a chair. Isn' there someone in your embroidery guild who could lend you a frame for a couple of days?

  2. I used to stitch in hand...but after working with the hoop, I'd never go back. Especially if you're using 18 count or smaller, I find it so much easier to see what I'm doing.
    It takes some getting used to in the beginning, but after a week or so, you'll get used to it!
    Dulcinella has a great idea, borrow some different sizes from friends and see what you like!

  3. I use a hoop to stitch my HAEDs. I remove the hoop when I take a break or am done with stitching for the day but I would never stitch without it. I tried a scroll frame for the HAEDs and didn't like it because there just wasn't enough tension for me. I've never used Q-Snaps. I think dulcinella has a great idea. Ask around, see if someone would let you sit at their floor stand or borrow it before you fully commit. Or if you do decide to buy one without trying it first, make sure you're buying from a website or store with a good return policy

  4. Sorry but I don't know enough about stitching to help you. The fairy is beautiful though! :)

  5. Ewa has great advice about making sure you can return items if they don't work for you. I see that a lot of bloggers use Q-Snaps and fold or roll up the excess fabric and tuck it into a Q-Snap cover. You could also use a spring-loaded hair clasp to hold the gathered up fabric. I prefer Q-Snaps or hoops to keep the fabric tight. I have one on a scroll frame that's not tight enough for me. I have never used the sewing method, only the stabbing method.


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