Saturday, April 21, 2012

International Hermit & Stitch Weekend

You might have noticed my new blog gadget over there on the right hand side about the IHSW. It's a totally amazing thing where a bunch of women who have never met, but love to stitch, decide that they will all have a hermit and stitch weekend. We get nothing out of it except for some progress on our WIP's and the knowledge that our sister stitchers are also setting aside the weekend for stitching.

The rules are loose and I can't remember which blog sponsors this weekend every month and I will try to find it so I can link it. You're allowed to take care of the house, blog, read a newspaper or book, or just hang out in your jammies. But the point is that one weekend a month, we try to dedicate time to working on our cross stitching at some point.

I think it would be really awesome if we could do one of these stitch alongs as a weekend getaway somewhere central to all of our locations. There's nothing as fun as getting together with people who share your passion whatever it might be. I've never been to a get together with other bloggers and I would really like to go to one.

I was reading Jenny Lawson's book (The Bloggess) and when I got to the part where her blogger friend talked her into going to a blogger conference, she was totally terrified and confessed (in the book) that she was really not good at relationships with other women. Mostly, I think, because she thought they wouldn't like her and she has horrible generalized anxiety disorder and she spends most gatherings hiding in the bathroom until it's time to go home so her anxiety doesn't make her mouth spit out inappropriate things, even for drunk people.

I can so relate.

Online, you can be the person you always wanted to be. You can be self-confident, witty, worldly, or whatever you would like to be. You can write anything and everything and you don't generally have to deal with people in person. And this is what I'm good at. In social situations, I'm a total disaster. I don't hide in the bathroom, but I do generally leave shortly after I arrive and I find myself struck mute the minute we walk in the door and see people we don't know. And for me to be mute, well, that's just unheard of. I'm a totally different person in person.

Which is why it's so weirdly awesome that I forced myself to go to the Embroidery Guild meeting last month and then I forced myself to go to the Embroidery club meeting the next week. And I have something to talk about with these people. It's like a kid who loves candy walking into Willy Wonka's place. These women get me. In fact, at the second meeting, I was asked for help on the nametag from a woman who doesn't do cross stitch. I was comfortable at all of these meetings because (a) the women are all at least a little bit older than me and some of them are living in the retirement home where the EGA meeting is  held. For some reason, I am so much better with women who are more "mature." For some reason, I always assume that women my age or younger are mean girls and I know it's not right to judge people I haven't met, but I've had enough experiences with mean girls that the company of women who are a little (or a lot) older is strangely comforting.

(B) is that all of these women love to sew, just like me. I have been searching ever since we moved to Winchester for women who share my passion for making pretty things from fabric and thread and just had no luck whatsoever.  Then the EGA chapter was born here and I found the people I had been looking for.

And bonus. Just as I was leaving the last embroidery club meeting, I discovered that the treasurer of our chapter has fibromyalgia. OMG, that is freaking unreal! I found someone not too far from my age with fibromyalgia who loves to sew. I'm already thinking here's a potential real life friend! I'm going to have to be careful to curb my enthusiasm so I don't scare her away. It's like trying to get the squirrel to come and take the nut out of your hand. You don't jump in its face and say "OMG, we have so much in common. Please be my best friend!" Because it makes you look weird and really  mental. And I have enough experience with my "mental" scaring people off to know how to not do that anymore.

Here's a bonus for you for reading this rambling email. I finished the April cottage last night.

I'm working on finishing the edging on three new pieces of the same fabric to do the February, March, and May cottages. I figure it's easier just to go ahead and have the fabric ready. It will save time, even though it's eating into my "real" stitching time this afternoon.

It's supposed to rain here all day tomorrow and I plan to do laundry and stitch. I will post a bunch of updates on my current projects on Monday, hopefully, if I can stick to the plan. (I have a couple of other blog posts that need to write themselves and are rattling around in my mind.)

Happy stitching or happy weekend. Whichever applies.

P.S. I caved to the lure of financial gain and wrote my first post for money. I promise this will not be a usual thing and I will only review products or websites that fit with what my blog is about. I don't know whether to be proud that I actually made money on something I wrote or ashamed. Because I don't want my blog to be ads to make you spend money. That is so not what I'm about. But I honestly used the site and I honestly saved money, so I'm thinking I'll go with proud. Yes. Proud.



  1. Your April cottage looks wonderful! It's great that you met up with other stitchers in real life. Have a great IHSW weekend!

  2. Beautiful finish! I can relate on getting along with older women more. It seems that girls my age hate me, more often than not, especially if they're particularly insecure. All my female friends are very confident and comfortable with themselves. I guess I'm intimidating and threatening. OH WELL! OHSW is hosted by Joyce at Random Ramblings (


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