Monday, March 19, 2012

What Month Am I?

You probably thought my next cottage would be February, right? Um, wrong.

Any guesses?

Turns out, I didn't order one of the colors for the February cottage. I have all of the supplies for both March and April, so I thought I would stitch up one of those while I wait on May to come out. I figure I can order the one color of floss that I'm missing when I order the May kit. Of course, the one I'm missing is the predominant color in the picture.

Oh and also I cut the fabric into 8 1/2" by 8 1/2" squares this time, so I will be sure that they fit into the frame. Without cutting off my thumb. Yay me!

Here's my new start:

Yep, decided to go with April, because it's my favorite color. March just wasn't quite as pretty as February or April. I might just have to order a frame when I order the May kit, so I can frame this when April gets here. And then I would have that expense out of the way. (I'm only using one frame and plan to switch out the months with one frame, kind of like a calendar.)

More stitching tomorrow. I was having trouble with my eyes again (damned makeup!), so I had to stop for the night. Thought I would catch you up.

This was the only thing I worked on today. I kept interrupting myself. Every time I sit down to stitch, I think of something I need to do, or the dog wants to go out or come in, or the cat is howling because he's too fat to get down from the table top he hoisted himself onto. Hope to work on several different projects tomorrow. This is a down week for me as far as appointments go - a couple for Jamie in the afternoon and a couple for me, but tomorrow I won't need to go anywhere until Jamie gets home from school. Hoping my eyes are cleared up by tomorrow morning! (I have no idea how the same brand of makeup in a different color will flare my allergic reaction - pink is bad; green is good. For my eyes, I mean. How stupid, right?)


  1. April is so pretty! I am also starting an April chart (different designer). Your day sounds just like mine, letting the dog in and out all day! So funny about your fat cat!

  2. Hello

    Just joined your blog.

    I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibro. Life is often a struggle.

    Your cottages are lovely especially April.

    Hope your eyes feel better soon.

    1. Hello Milly! Thanks for joining.

      You're right. Life is truly a struggle some days. I'm sorry to hear about your illnesses.

      Thank you (and Debbie) for your lovely comments. I'm bummed I don't have the pink thread for February, but I will get it when I go out. There's a DMC substitute, so I think I'll just go get that. Or I'll wait until the May cottage comes out and order it with that order. I guess there's no rule I have to do them in order!


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