Friday, March 30, 2012

Stitchy Update!!!

Time for a stitching update. I haven't been feeling too well in the last couple of days, so I got lots of stitching time in. Here's where I am on my love quilt square.

I'm anxious to get to the embellishment in the diamond so that you can see what the point of this piece is. (Although I think I did post a picture of the finished piece in an earlier blog post for comparison. I'm not enjoying the white portion at all, as the pattern is very hard to read. I don't think I'll be buying anymore patterns that I have to download. Back to 123 Stitch for my patterns!

Here is how I'm coming on my swap with my friend in Washington.

This is slow progress, because the holes are so tiny on 18 count aida and the fabric is so much tougher than 14 count. I wonder why that is? I try to put at least a few stitches into this one every time I get out my WIP bag.

 Here is my April cottage progress.

I got to the hobby store and picked up the DMC substitute for the hand dyed thread they left out of my February order, so that will be the one I do next after this one. The May cottage pattern is out, but I am waiting to order it until they kit it up.

I had really been admiring Clancy on Carrie's Cross Stitch. She was upset that she had tried to finish him into a pillow and thought she had ruined him. I suggested that she send him over to Faye at Carolina Stitcher, as she does professional finishing at a really good price. Here's what I got in response!!!

Not only did Carrie send me the magazine with Clancy's pattern, she also sent me all the thread and apologized in her note for not having a brand new bit of one of the colors, so she was sending me one from her stash to complete the threads! Carrie, you are awesome and I will be really excited to start on Clancy. I have a piece of 14 count aida fabric that will work perfectly for this one.

I have not touched my princess at all. It seems like three is about as many as I can work on at a time, although I don't see why I can't put more into the rotation.

I've been thinking about creating a cross stitch blog and moving all of my updates over to that, but then I'm wondering between this blog and that one, when I would get any stitching (or anything else, for that matter!) done. It's a choice between writing and cross stitching and I still like to get some reading in there sometimes. I have about 7 or 8 library books and I'm only on the third one and I had to renew them for another three weeks so I can give myself a chance to finish them. To make a long story short, I'm wondering if it's time to set aside the "serious" writing for awhile and concentrate on a cross stitch blog. I have no idea how many of you read my blog for the funny stuff (or the more serious writing) and how many read for the stitching updates. Any comments on what you'd like to see here would be appreciated. Keep the stitching with the other non-niche stuff or do a separate stitching blog?

I'm lucky that all of my hobbies involve not being active with my health issues and that they keep my mind busy. I also finally got an iPhone last week (thanks to my wonderful husband) and discovered the game Draw Something. Wow, is that addictive! My user name is Chelle724 if you want to play!

Okay, time to stop rambling and get stitching.

Till next time...


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  2. You did get some stitching done! i do understand what you mean about the aida being stiff. is there a chance you might consider changing to evenweave or linen?
    and how sweet of Carrie to send you these things! I'm sure you will enjoy them.

  3. It's too late on the one I've done so much work on. I much prefer to work on evenweave or linen, although 14 count aida is okay. For some reason 14 count softens up with work in a way that 18 count doesn't.

    And I love Carrie (in a girl crushy kind of way!)

  4. I have to admit that I started reading your blog for your unique take on life stuff that happens to you but I am quickly being sucked into your stitching updates so will keep reading wherever you decide to take the blog.

  5. Thanks, Tamara. I have no idea what I'm going to do with this right now. Probably it will remain a mixture of my cross stitching and (as you put it) my unique take on life (which is more likely a skewed take on life!). I generally grab the computer when I have a rant coming on, so I am sure I will continue to bitch and moan in addition to my stitching.

    I have a blog post in mind about my March spending, but haven't gotten so far as to sit down and write it. I've been too busy cross stitching!

  6. I like your blog just as it is :) I'm afraid that I haven't been reading it (or any blogs) daily but I always read all the posts. I also like to hear how life is going with you, but I love to see your beautiful stitching too :)


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