Thursday, March 15, 2012

Stitching Update

I promised you a finish and an update yesterday and I am sad to say that I delivered neither. It seems as if every time I sit down to stitch, I remember someone I'm supposed to call or an email I need to send or I feel an overwhelming urge to check facebook and twitter to see what everyone else is doing.

But...I decided I would go ahead and show you where I am on the things I am working on. (On which I am working? Probably.)

I will (yes, I will!) finish January this morning, but here is the first in the monthly Country Cottages:

I sent my mom a picture on my phone last night and she shot back with, "Is the cottage leaning?" Um, why, yes it is, Mom. Thanks for noticing! (Just kidding, Mom. Love you!) What actually happened is, as usual, I got off by one stitch and then the entire thing got jiggled around. The "J" is too low, because I somehow miscounted where the snowflakes went or the cottage is too high or something, but I'm going to leave it because I think it's kind of cute.

Also? I may have to restitch it, thanks to cutting the fabric too small. This very possibly will be too small for the frame (I haven't ordered it yet - it's $50!!!), which will mean a complete redo. I'm going to go ahead and do the other ones and save it for the end if I have to redo it.

In other news, I started my Love Quilt square.

I got the pattern from Patterns Online and they just sent the pattern for me to download. The theme is hearts and this will be really cute. The design is done in metallic thread in the diamond. It says "love" and there are hearts all around it. I like it because it's pink and girly. This is due by June 1st, so I need to make sure I get stitches in every day. I'm waiting on the metallic threads from because I couldn't find them at the hobby stores.

I made a little progress on my Spring princess:

This is absolutely a loooong term project!

I finished this for Malea for her 38th birthday (yay!):

It's a smaller version of the one I did for the raffle and I personalized it with her name and the other words. My mom and I went back and forth on whether it should be faith or believe and we decided faith fit better and it really means the same thing. I plan on making the larger design in purple for fibromyalgia, because it was such a fun one to stitch.

Unfortunately, when we purchased the frame for it while I was up there on Tuesday, we neglected to check the back and it turned out that there was a very small section into which to insert a photograph. It was not intended for needlework. I had brought my mounting board with me and I was going to cut it and stick it to the mounting board and put in the back of the frame, but the framing definitely did not go as planned. We ended up tearing off the cardboard back with the stand on it and I accidentally cut the fabric just slightly too small, so you can see where it started to unravel on the bottom where I was trying to get it into the frame. (I am waiting for Malea to send me a picture of how it turned out in the frame and will post it when she sends it.) I've learned a lot about finishing from some stupid mistakes I've made.

I also tried to cut off my thumb with my rotary cutter while I was cutting the mounting board we ended up not using. Luckily, it doesn't need stitches - at least I don't think it does, but I've been a little squeamish about checking what's underneath the bandage. I figured that was going to happen eventually, since I pay about as much attention to what I'm doing as our hyperactive golden retriever.

Yesterday, I finally figured out how to make my bedroom space work and I didn't spend any money at all!

Joey had two bookcases in his room and it was crowded. We had gotten a nightstand from my parents before they moved which has two very generous drawers in it. I transferred all of his Wii controllers and what nots to one of the drawers, put his games under the television where they belonged, rearranged the books, and stole took back the bookcase you see behind my chair. This is where I spend most the day while the kids are at school either writing or stitching. I have a small television on the entertainment center directly across from the chair and the bed is off to the right, out of the picture. Luckily, we have a large master bedroom with pretty good lighting. When the kids get home from school, the light is around the other side of the house and I usually go downstairs to the family room to watch the big television and sew under my new Ott light that I bought last week.

I'm heading off to go finish January now. I will post up a finish picture, hopefully later today!


  1. Your January cottage is so pretty. It didn't look like it was leaning to me! I wonder what the $50 frame looks like. Wow!

    The Love Quilt square looks great! I have learned to loop the metallic floss through the needle and anchor it, instead of having the loop at the end, because it always wants to slip off the needle.

    The colors of Spring Princess are beautiful. Your bedroom stitching area looks so nice. I wish I had a recliner to stitch in. Congrats on your new Ott light!

  2. Thanks, Debbie! The $50 frame is through Crescent Colors and I will put up a link to it when I finish up the cottage this afternoon. Well probably tomorrow.

    I love the colors in the spring princess. I'm not sure why I did winter first, because I like the colors in this one much more.

    When I get to the metallic part, I may ask you to "show" me how you do the anchoring. I did metallic gold with the winter princess and it frustrated me to no end.


  3. Wow, sounds like you've been very busy. I haven't tried framing anything yet but I know it is coming. If your cottage fabric to too small you could always stitch it to a bigger piece behind it to make it big enough.

    I love seeing what you're up to.

  4. You've been very busy! I love your stitching. You have a lovely big bedroom too. Ours is tiny but I have a big (messy) craft room so I can't complain. Good job with the organization of your room!


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