Thursday, March 22, 2012

Love Quilt Square

As it says on the left side over there (<~~~~~), I am stitching for Love Quilts. I chose a pattern from and I'm stitching for Charlotte's Kids. Charlotte was a devoted cross stitcher who donated many, many squares for quilts for children with catastrophic illnesses. She passed away in 2008 and you can now sew a square for a child in her honor. I chose the girls' theme (for obvious reasons, with three boys and a husband), jumping at the chance to work on something else pink!

Here is what this will look like (hopefully) when I am finished and ready to mail it in.

Hearts and Flowers by DJ's Dreams
The picture looks a lot lighter than the actual colors are. The pattern was $2.49 and then the only other cost was for the fabric (aida = cheap!) and floss (also cheap). They request a donation of $3.00 when you send in your square to be added to the quilt, so I will be forwarding my monetary donation along with my square. The 14 count aida is much easier to stitch on than the 18. Clearly 18 is when my hands throw in the towel and say forget it.

I wasn't able to really do much of anything to help when Juliana was sick, so I am sewing this square in her honor. Unfortunately, I chose a pattern where every single square is stitched...I won't be making that mistake again. The top half of the diamond took me 12 hours of stitching today. Whew. Justin and I figured out that I probably put in almost 1600 stitches just in the diamond. That's a lot of freaking stitches!

Which is why I haven't been online to post to my blog or to read many others. I am finding myself more and more moving towards wanting to make this a stitching blog, although I am sure I will have days when I have a rant or a rave. But after the drama with my blog post last week, I find that I am reluctant to express my opinions publicly, even when it is meant in a funny, humorous way. I get that not everyone gets me. I don't even get me! And I greatly appreciate all of the supportive comments you guys left for me. So thank you - you rock!

I will be working on some other WIP's this weekend, as Justin is going to New York for St. Baldrick's to have his head shaved, also in Juliana's honor. So it will be me, the three kids, and the animals for three days. These are the times I'm happy to have a big dog and an adult son still living at home! I've asked Justin if I can go get a Blu Ray player tomorrow so that I can stream chick movies all weekend while I sew. I should be getting something out of my Amazon Prime membership, after all. If I can't find a little more variety than I have found so far, I will be switching back to Netflix at the end of my Prime membership.

I am also thinking it's time to go ahead and get myself a new phone. After I couldn't enter the drawing at the orthodontist's office yesterday for a new iPad because I don't have a smart phone, I think I finally got to the point where I think I need it. I won't get unlimited minutes, because I'm not really a huge talk on the phone person, and that should keep the monthly cost down. Justin is saying I should probably just go ahead and get an iPhone and I'm on board with that!

Happy stitching to all my crafty friends and happy weekend to all of my other followers.

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  1. That sure is a big project for the quilt with full coverage! Have fun stitching with all those shades of pink! Hurray! Get a smart phone and you can take the internet with you! My phone is faster than my computer. LOL


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