Monday, February 20, 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat on Monday

I needed a writing prompt and found this lovely one from Carla over at My 1/2 Dozen Daily. Since I have loads of things I could write about, but I would really rather work on getting my first Christmas ornament finished and the slideshow put together and somehow posted on this blog, I'm going to go with her Sunday night questions and hopefully have something a little more substantial for tomorrow!

Little House in Old Historic Savannah, GA
(Apparently, I missed the prompt to add a favorite picture, so I'm adding it now!)

What I am Currently Reading? I think I'm reading The Hostile Witness by Rebecca Forster. It's really a good book, but I keep getting distracted by my Words with Friends games on my Kindle Fire and by the time I catch those up, it's generally time to become unconscious. I don't read a lot during the day - maybe a little at lunchtime, but again I am getting distracted so much with WWF that my reading is suffering. I'm sure I'll get back to it.

I also bought Nicholas Sparks' Last Song at the airport when I was coming home from my parents' house and have read about half of it. I'm not really sure if I'll finish that one. It's a little more aimed at the teenage set (the movie starred Mylie Cyrus, for God's sake), so we'll see if that sits or gets finished.

What I am currently watching? Right this minute, nothing. But Justin and I have been planning on getting The Hangover, Part 2 on demand for several days, so maybe that movie tonight. Except that he's been up since he got called for work at 4:15 this morning, so I think I will probably watch House tonight. I try to keep the television off as much as possible during the day, but I do end up on the stupid sitcoms around 3:00 usually.

What Am I listening to? My personal Pandora station. It's a mixture of pop, country, and 80's rock. Right now, there's Katherine McPhee's Over It playing. I've never heard her music after American Idol. I stopped listening to the radio for a long time because it reminded me too much of the job I lost in 2010. The station was set to the local pop drivel all day long and no one was allowed to touch the dial. It was kind of traumatizing to be forced to listen to Beyonce and Lady Gaga over and over. Sometimes silence really is golden.

What Am I cooking/baking? Nothing today, I don't think. I am pretty sure we will be having something like hamburgers on the grill tonight or maybe making breakfast for dinner. I did a couple of crock pot meals last week and we have half of each saved in the freezer. Justin is going to be too tired for anything fancy tonight, so I figure it's going to be something simple.

What are you happy you accomplished this week?
The two crock pot meals. I'm thrilled that I am able to actually put together a meal now and I owe it to the Slow Cooker Revolution cookbook. I'm still pretty lame in the actual cooking department. I'm also happy that I got my trip to the primary care doctor out of the way, since it involves an hour+ trip one way. He's pleased that I am fairly stable with my fibro/CFS and we have a (mostly) good handle on the pain. I am also pleased that he was happy to sign for my handicap placard with no questions asked. When your doctor is validating your handicap, it's really quite a relief when you have an invisible illness.

I'm also grateful to my facebook friend, Sunshine, for walking me through creating a slideshow. I am putting together slides of my progress on my first Christmas ornament, which I hope to finish sewing today. The slideshow is coming along and I am hoping to either post it on the blog in the next couple of days or upload it to youtube and give you a link.

What am I looking forward to next this week? I got a call from Hobby Lobby saying that the cross stitch piece has been framed and is ready for pick up. I can't wait to see what it looks like and I promise to post up a picture as soon as I have it. I'm also looking forward to getting the new shower door installed in the boys' bathroom and putting in a new toilet seat. Justin yanked the molding out over the weekend, but it still stinks in there, so hopefully replacing the toilet seat, cleaning the ceramic tile, and replacing the shower curtain with a door will take care of it. I am also looking forward to "finishing" my Christmas ornament and receiving my Cafe Press order with Malea's ribbon and carnation on my hat and keyring. Lots of sewing this week, hopefully.

What am I thankful for today? That the snowstorm went south and we got nothing. I like a good snowstorm, but I am very ready for spring and don't mind that it seems to be coming early. I'm also thankful for my internet friend who skyped with me to help me with my slideshow so that Justin didn't have to try to help me figure it out. And I am, as always, grateful to have food in my pantry, a roof over my head, and clothes for my kids. Granted, Joey really needs some longer jeans, but overall, we seem to be fitting in with the rest of the world and not going around naked, which is a good thing. And I am thankful for my furry pets, who make my world a brighter and happier place.

Now, I am off to Hobby Lobby and Lowe's (to pick up an elongated toilet seat because Justin really thought the toilet was round. I made that same mistake, but forgot to tell him when he went out yesterday.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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