Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Christmas Ornaments and The Spending Challenge

Just a quick update on what's going on with a couple of things.

I am working on creating special Christmas ornaments (like you see above) to sell to help raise money for Save Malea. I will be sewing up a bunch of sample ornaments this afternoon and look forward to getting your feedback on them. They will be available in both the breast cancer theme, a fibromyalgia theme (purple ribbons), and Christmas themes.

Okay, also I wanted to update you on how my spending is going. I think I'm doing remarkably well!

I had to purchase supplies to make the ornaments, but I took that out of my little nest egg and paid cash and didn't charge it! Yay, no adding to the consumer debt! Well, I did have to purchase finishing forms online and that was a $30 charge to the credit card, but I am allowing for some costs in relation to the fundraising.

The only other thing I have charged this week is $300 for Ben's next crown. He has an enamel defect and the dentist is replacing all (yes, all) of his teeth with crowns. We had three done last year and will have another three done this year. Two are covered at 80% by insurance and we pay the amount of the final one, which is now up to over $1,100. Which is why we can only do three. This was a necessary charge, so it doesn't count as something I impulsively spent money on.

I am getting ready to put up a page with an "I want this" list. Things I don't really need, but would really like to have. Today, some lighting so that I can see my sewing tops the list. I would also love to have a wooden chest to hold my thread, as it is kind of getting out of control. And a little table beside my sewing chair would be awesome as well. If you'd like to see what I'm talking about, please go check out Vonna at The Twisted Sister and click on the "Our Home" tab at the top of her blog. There is another link there called "Our House" and you can see her little stitching area. It's awesome and I'm in lust for something like this.

I'm off to try to get some ornaments stitched up and ready for finishing. Hopefully, there will be a demand for these (people love handmade Christmas ornaments that aren't made by a five year old, right?) and I will be able to raise some money for Malea.

Oh and it's snowing. They just closed schools at noon today. Virginia is so weird when it comes to snow. If you have it, you are guaranteed school closings, so I am assuming no school tomorrow as well. Having lived in various states up north when I was growing up, we went to school no matter how much snow was on the ground because up there, they knew how to keep up with the roads and how to drive in it. Virginians seem to just panic. It's just snow, people!

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