Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Bloggess Got Me!

I have been fighting the urge to sign up for Twitter ever since it came out and those stupid commercials showing the dad tweeting that he was on the deck started playing because I thought, "Really, who wants to know that I'm sitting on my fat ass watching cable movies?"

And then, The Bloggess got me. I accidentally clicked on a link to her twitter and it opened up the sign up page and there you go. I am now officially on Twitter at @ChelleNewton. I have no idea how this thing works, but I started following a few people it says I know and hopefully I will figure out today how to "tweet" something stupid that I am doing. Like sitting on my fat ass watching cable movies.

So, if you're on twitter, let's talk about sitting on our fat asses together!


  1. I signed up for Twitter because I heard it was a great resource for authors. I know it's helped me sell one or two books, and it's helped me get a little more attention to my blog. Just my $0.02.

  2. I just searched you and found your twitter account, so I am now following you. Can I get The Dowry on the kindle so I can do a review for you?

  3. I tried to find you on Twitter because anyone who signs up for Twitter just to follow The Bloggess is AWESOME! (I know this because I joined Twitter to follow Jenny). I cannot find you.

  4. Hi Chelle, I have to admit that I love Twitter and would love to connect with you on there but like the person before me, I cannot find you.

  5. I'm on as ChelleNewton. I don't know why they don't let you put spaces in between, but they don't. I should have done what you did and put a "_" between the names. See, I'm twitter stupid!


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