Monday, February 20, 2012

Blog Hop from Off The Deep End

Today over at they are having a pinterest blog hop. If you'd like to link up to your pinterest account, please feel free to grab the coding from the linky thing you see.  As for me, I expended all of my energy power for today by power cleaning the boys' toilet and bathroom floor and replacing the disgusting toilet seat with a brand new, shiny white one, so I am off to sew and hopefully finish my first Christmas decoration. Assuming I don't end up taking a nap.

I am so excited about this new Christmas ornament project (we haven't had new ornaments in years!) and learning how to do more on my Mac Book Air than just hop onto firefox and see what's going on over at Facebook. Apparently, this thing will do everything but cook for you. I'm a little worried that blogger won't let me upload the slideshow when it's finished because I was having trouble with it yesterday when I tried to upload the first part of it. If not, I can hopefully upload it at some other site and put up a link for you. And I will also post a picture of the finished piece. In the meantime, here is a picture of the framed cross stitch piece that is third prize in Malea's raffle. It turned out so well that I would love to keep it or give it to her for her birthday next month, but I already committed it to the raffle, so in it goes. There are still lots of tickets left, by the way! You can email me if you'd like to get a chance at the awesome prizes.

I am hoping to get a post together on chronic fatigue syndrome and post-exertional malaise and just what that means, but right now I have it, so time to go sew and rest! Hope your day is going great. And if you follow me on Pinterest, I promise to get back over there and pinning again soon. Life's been a little bit crazy and Pinterest has not been at the top of my list. This in no way means I'm not addicted to it though. Let's see your links if you use pinterest!

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  1. Hope you were able to have a rest and feel a bit better now:)
    I know what that fatigue is like - not nice!


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