Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sewing is My Crack

What can I say? At least my addiction is legal and non-harmful, except when I'm separating beads for the current project and trying to finish it and my husband is doing all of the stuff that is really my job after working a full day. One day, I know his head is going to explode because he's so tired and frustrated.

By the time I realized he was rushing to get dinner on the table so that Jamie could get to cadets last night, it was really too late to help him. I was so engrossed in trying to figure out the placement of the wording on my angel for the dedication that all I could think about was the fact that I needed smaller graph paper because I couldn't get it all to fit on an 8 1/2 X 11 piece of paper. And I'm math stupid anyway. If it doesn't have a calculator involved, I can guarantee I've done it wrong. Even if there is a calculator involved, I still can't balance the checkbook. At least for the last two months, it appears that the bank has wanted to give us $100 a month just for banking with them and paying our bills on time. I'm pretending that money isn't there for when I screw up the balance in the other direction.

But back to sewing...

I am hours away from being finished with the embellishment on the Angel. I plan to complete her this afternoon and I promise to post pictures when I get her done and ironed. No peeking until then. I wasn't even going to share when I finished the pattern as instructed, but it was so pretty, I couldn't resist a little preview of one of my favorite pieces to date (and that's in about 30 years of cross stitching!).

So, while I go finish her up, I suggest you check out the Country Cottage Needleworks Blog to see my latest obsession. Just like scrapbooking changed, needlework trends change. I am seeing a lot of these little houses and cottages and a lot of old fashioned looking samplers. I had thought I might go with some Nora Corbett fairies after finishing the Celtic princesses someday, but now I'm obsessed with these pieces that look like they might have been made back before the invention of the sewing machine and the internet.

I have the February cottage pattern coming, with thread and fabric, and a cute little butterfly on back order. I have decided to commit to the entire year of cottages so that I can have a frame with the current month's cottage in it somewhere in my family room and just change them out. As soon as 123 Stitch gets their shipment in, I will be ordering the January pattern and the March one that just came out.

I've discovered two things about my crack obsession hobby - (1) If I don't like what I'm working on, I will put it in the sewing box and move on, all the while having that unfinished project nagging at me and (2) It's really best to order projects that I like so that whole unfinished project thing doesn't happen.

I have this fear that Justin believes I am super lazy when I do nothing but sew all day. I'm probably projecting. But it's such a fantastic way to create something that's going to be around after I'm gone. Who knows? One of these boys of mine might eventually get married and give me a granddaughter and she might think all of these things I've made are cool family heirlooms.

So yeah. He makes the money and pays the mortgage. But I'm making it a home, right? Right?

(And the fact that I'm looking into ways to finance my masters degree so I can contribute more monetarily has nothing to do with my feelings of inferiority over the whole money issue. Anyone know of any grants for disabled 47 year old mothers who want to go back to school so they can legally dispense advice to women with depression and anxiety? I see a home office and no overhead in this venture, but I've got to find a way around those pesky student loans.)


  1. (I'm following you for the blog hop)

  2. My sister use to be a whiz at sewing. She sewed all her kids' clothes, clothes for herself and clothing for friends and family on special occasion. You can save a whole lot of money with that hobby if you love it as much as my sister did! :)

    Stopping by from the blog hop. Nice to follow you. :D

  3. I used to be good at sewing. I loved my "home economic" classes at school so much that my parents bought me a sewing machine. But I discovered boys and pop music, sold my machine, and found writing!

    I've a friend who sews. She makes bags, cute "first tooth" holders and all sorts and sells them at craft fairs. Maybe you could do that?

    Blog hopping.

  4. Hello to all you blog hoppers! I need you to leave tag backs so I can check out yours.

    Louise, I only really do cross stitch. I've made a couple of quilts, but they weren't as much fun for me.

    I actually have a sewing machine that I am trying to sell on Craigs List, but no one seems interested.


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