Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Savannah, Here We Are!

St. John the Baptist Cathedral, Savannah, Georgia

Just stopping by very quickly to show you a couple of gorgeous pictures I took today in historic Savannah, Georgia. Oh, I am so in love with this city! And, of course, the 65 degrees and sunny didn't hurt!

Here was my favorite house, down in the old historic district:

I would love to buy a house this color. Those are seriously cool colors! This one wasn't for sale, but quite a few of them were and wouldn't it be awesome to own a house that was here back before the civil war?

We ate lunch down by the Savannah River and I wanted to go to the psychic next door to the restaurant afterwards, but she was closed. That's such a shame, because having a psychic reading is definitely on my bucket list.

The best picture though is the one of me and my mom that my dad took:

So glad that I didn't have to wait a whole six months to come see my parents. And I know they'll be up in the spring.

Of course, now the problem is that I realized how beautiful it is in the south during January and don't want to go back to Virginia, where there is really winter. I told Justin today that he needs to start looking for a house in Savannah. I don't think he was amused. Oh well. Damned real estate market.

Tomorrow, I'm taking pictures of the house so that Mom's friends will stop asking for them. And then Thursday, I will do my plane thing in reverse. I'm a pro now!


  1. Lovely photos. I'd love to go to some of the Southern states. I've been to the West Coast, East Coast and Alaska. The South is definitely on my Travel Wish List!

  2. I have about 32 pictures I took yesterday. It was absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend at least a visit here. For me, I want to move here badly now. The fact that I just walked around my parents house in my bare feet to take pictures on February 1st just kind of sealed the deal.

    It is absolutely beautiful down here!



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