Monday, January 16, 2012

Possible Paypal Problem

If you have come over to donate money, please don't click on the paypal button just yet. It may be a violation of their acceptable use policy to do this raffle through their site. (WTF?)

I have sent them an email asking if I can use the button for the raffle, but if they say no, I will post an address to send checks. And if you have already made a donation, I will be refunding your money if it is against their policy.

Why do these people have to make everything so difficult????


  1. I'm sorry, Chelle. :( In the meantime, you could check out the TOS of Google Checkout and how they work. If PayPal says no, maybe it's something Google will let you do. Good luck.

  2. Thanks, Carrie. This whole thing has turned into a disaster. I didn't know google had a checkout. I will look into it!



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