Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I've Deserted You for an Angel

Here's why I'm not writing much on this wonderful new computer my husband gave me. I'm in love with an angel.

This little angel was inspired by our dear friends when they lost their beautiful little girl to leukemia last year. I saw this kit and knew I had to do it.

I'm happy with her just the way she is, but to make myself happier, I am adding bead embellishments and a tribute to Juliana at the bottom before I (attempt to) frame her myself.

I'm really thrilled that I'm almost done with this beautiful little girl. The beads were out and went flying twice last night and they're really tiny, so I spent a lot of time with my butt in the air, trying to locate teeny, tiny little circles on my dirty hardwood floor. More time than actually attaching them to the fabric, which is where I want them to go.

I'll be back with a picture of the finished project, hopefully soon. I also have lots of new projects on my list of things to do. One is a swap with a friend - she picked one off my list and I picked one off of hers. It's a surprise, so I won't post it until it's finished. I have ordered two patterns from the Country Cottage line. One is a butterfly (big shock for those who know me and unfortunately on back order) and one is the February cottage. January's cottage is out of stock or I would have gotten that one too.

I still have the Rainbow Bridge I started probably three years ago and the other three Celtic Princesses (why did I start with winter????) in my sewing box. I wanted to add a few small things in there because when I start a big project like the angel or this one:

Why Winter First??? I Have No Idea!
I like to have a few smaller things that don't take three years to complete in there to do to give myself a break from the bigger ones.

And now I must shower because I need to finish my little angel.

No, I'm just not writing as much as I was. But it's hard to write constantly when there are so many fun things to do like laundry, doctor's appointments, cleaning the kitchen, yelling at the kids about the work they haven't turned in. Oh, and sewing!

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