Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Made It To the South of South Carolina!

A short update: I traveled for the first time today by plane. Two planes, actually.

As most of you know, I was pretty freaked out by the idea of flying. Not only had I not flown since before 9/11, I had never flown alone.

Guess what? I did it!!!! GO ME!!!!

I was terribly shaky and nervous until after the first plane took off and then I started thinking about how it's kind of cool that I'm taking a trip by plane on my own. I felt like a real live grown up (and won't Justin be glad to hear that?) and very independent. I now know how to get through TSA security without beeping or losing my sewing scissors and have the color of my luggage admired (purple, by the way). I learned how important it is to put the laptop in between the clothes, since they're going to insist that you not put your "carry-on" bag in the actual cabin with you, even though you bought it particularly because it was touted as a bag you can, you know, carry on the plane. When I saw the handler toss it onto the cart with the laptop pocket landing on the bottom, I believe a squeaking noise came out of me and as soon as I had that bag back in my hands, the brand new computer in its rubberized, TSA approved laptop case, was packed in the middle of my clothing instead of in the front pocket provided for just that purpose.

But it was still better than checked baggage, because I didn't have to go to baggage claim to pick it up. I just stood outside in the warm southern sunshine and waited a minute or two for the bag to come down to me. (Person to person bag delivery - they missed something they could charge for. Shhh...don't tell 'em!)

My first plane ride was a little cramped. It was a small plane and oversold. Luckly, my seat mate was tiny and slept for the whole ride and the flight attendant was very nice about my not knowing that just because the "occupied" light was on for the bathroom in the front of the plane did not mean the bathroom itself was in the front of the plane. I kept looking around for the people with chickens on their laps. It was really that small.

The second plane was much bigger, only half sold, and had much comfier seats. I had no one in front of me or beside me. I got an awesome view of Savannah as we flew in (Did you know it's near the water? Why do people keep laughing at me when I ask that question?) and promptly decided our next major decision ought to be a move south. Which I am sure will get laughed at just as promptly when I get home.

I spent most of the day taking care of only myself, being dependent only upon myself, dealing with my fears by asking people for help (and people here in the south are so nice, bless their hearts!), and I made it to my destination feeling like I might actually have it in me to actually be an autonomous, independent person. Maybe, someday...

What a fantastic, awesome feeling. It took me 47 and a half years to learn to be a grown up, but I think I'm finally getting there. And that is just excellent. It's okay that it took me so long to get to the point where I could do this because I've been working so hard for so long to get me to this place. It's awesome to see that work finally paying off.

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  1. Yay! Go you Chelle! You can be very proud of yourself! :) I know how hard that was for you!


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