Sunday, January 29, 2012

Did You Know You Can Return a Kindle Book?

Hey folks,

Just checking in after a very busy morning of helping my mom set up her sewing room (and when I say sewing room, I mean her quilting business sewing room. It may take me another two days to recover from helping her after spending all day yesterday traveling. I see a nap in the very near future.

I set myself a budget for kindle downloads for this trip, because I knew I would probably need to download a book or two. This morning, I downloaded a book for $5.99 on how not to spend money. Of course, in retrospect, that seems amazingly silly and exactly like something I would do. About three pages into the book, I realized I already knew everything the woman was writing, it was badly written, and I didn't want to read the rest of it. I thought my $5.99 was horribly, wrongfully spent.

But then, I went to Amazon and found out that if you contact them within seven days of your kindle download, you can return it and they will credit your account. Oh joy!!!!!

I immediately clicked on the refund button and that book will be disappearing off of my kindle. I am so sticking with this no spending thing, because Justin has promised me that if we pay off our credit cards, I can have an iPhone.

I'm not really sure why I want an iPhone so much, but there it is. And there is my incentive.

So, I thought I would check in and tell you that I did not spend $5.99 today on a book on how not to spend money. Because even though I spent it, I immediately returned it. This is not as good as not spending it in the first place, but it's an improvement over download it and forget it's there and then remember when the credit card bill comes that I went download crazy and have 25 purchases that I don't remember making.

I think I'm making a priority shift here. Finally, at age 47. Wow, it's taken me a long time to grow up. I've now flown on my own (woo hoo!) and I am shifting how I view money. Really shifting it this time.

Because I want that iPhone.

And maybe, once all of that debt is gone, I won't really even want the iPhone anymore. But it's a damned good incentive. I will weigh all future purchases against whether or not it's worth waiting longer for my iPhone. This is a good thing.

Justin's a smart man.


  1. I love my iphone. I downloaded Kindle on it and it's okay but the screen is a bit small for it. I didn't know you could return Kindle books! Well done! :)

  2. I didn't know that either, so I was happy to find that out.

    The book was actually one of the ones on your shelf. It was basically just one paragraph a page and it was all stuff I already know and just need to put into practice.

    My mom says I may get the iPhone and be disappointed, the way you want something for so long and then get it and it's a let down. But it's something to work towards. I would also like to start transferring money into a Christmas account and a vacation account for this year. We have money that automatically goes into savings every time my husband gets paid, so we just divide the accounts up and put money wherever it is needed.

    I saw that you spent on scrapbooking yesterday. I used to scrapbook, but it got too expensive and I couldn't keep up and then everything went digital and there really wasn't a need for it. And once your kids get older, they don't want you to take pictures, so now I photograph my pets and put them on mugs and try to sell them. :o)


  3. I'd love a picture of my dog on a mug - must do that sometime :)
    I love papercrafts though and digital scrapbooking doesn't give me the same pleasure. I can understand why people do it though.


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