Monday, January 16, 2012

Because Cancer Shouldn't Win; Stephen King can help!

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I have been writing a lot about my best friend's diagnosis of metastatic stage 4 breast cancer and her quest for new treatments and medical options to find a cure. Or the hope of a cure.

If you click on the tab above marked "Malea's Story," you can read the timeline of the events that have been the continual torture she has gone through over the last almost three years trying to beat this horrific disease. As I worked on this story with her yesterday, I became angrier and angrier at what she has had to go through to fight for her life. And I am grieving that someone so young and with such an incredibly gentle spirit would ever have to endure what she has endured. As she was going through it, it seemed to me as if she was just going through what she needed to go through. When I saw the entire list of surgeries, emergency room visits, tests, and always pain, I became so sad and angry that cancer has once again threatened the life of someone I love.

Malea is only 37 years old. She has four children and a grandchild on the way. Her youngest child, her only daughter, is 12. No one should have to lose their mother at the age of 12.

Please read Malea's story and then click on the donate button at the left side of this page to enter to win the raffle for the autographed copy of Stephen King's latest book. Because her insurance company refuses to allow any treatment outside of their network, all costs for treatment by her new doctor will be out of pocket and, as you can imagine, this will not be inexpensive. You can help her by entering the raffle and also get a chance to win a book that will become very valuable within a few years.

Malea's doctor has told her there is nothing further she can do and that she is "welcome to find another provider." Her doctor has given up. We have not. Please help. Can you spare $20 to give a wife, mother, and friend some hope?

Thank you.

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