Thursday, November 10, 2011

Update to Reading Challenge? Should I?

Okay, so I know I put The English Patient on my list, but then I read the transcript of the Booksluts' skype review of the book and I'm kind of thinking I might have to pick a different book.

Had anyone read this book and, if so, did you like it or hate it? (I'll take a movie review also.)

(Update - I have gone back and made my categories fit to the challenge and have replaced The English Patient with another book. I'm 33% through 11/23/63 and will write a review when I finish it. The one drawback I am finding to the Kindle is that you can't flip easily back and forth to find names, remind yourself what's going on, etc. so I haven't written any book reviews since receiving it. I need to find a way to work around this and I promise I will with this book.)

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