Sunday, November 13, 2011

SOC Sunday - Let There Be Ice!

It's Stream of Consciousness Sunday, which means here is my five minute brain dump for the week!


It's 9:30 on Sunday morning and I'm listening to my husband trying to fix the ice maker for the 90th gazillionth time. He has babied that thing through more breakdowns than I thought humanly possible. But what it's going to boil down to is that eventually we will have to decide whether we are going to make the ice ourselves or buy a new refrigerator. Because how did they live before they figured out how to make the ice actually make itself? Oh, I remember. Those ice trays.

I used to be really good at ice trays. When I worked at the job I loved the most (because it's the job I was the greatest at), there was a refrigerator in the kitchen, along with a dishwasher, and a microwave. I seemed to be in charge of all of them. I loaded and unloaded the dishwasher, made the coffee in the morning, cleaned out the microwave after the green, mostly idiotic, law clerks exploded their lunches in it, and made the ice. That's right. I made ice in trays I brought from my own home. I was seriously invested in that place. To me, making ice by hand was a small price to pay for having a glass full of ice water in the afternoon while I was transcribing tapes with legal briefs on them or preparing a divorce filing or updating a personal injury case.

While it's true that I pretty much ran that office all by myself while my boss went out and did things he enjoyed more than practicing law (which was just about anything, but mostly golf - law paid his bills and for his lifestyle), I was not above unloading the dishwasher, making the coffee, or making the ice. Because I wanted to have ice and if I didn't make it, nobody else would. Now, almost 20 years later, if we want ice, we get it from our refrigerator who (oooh, shouldn't that be "that?") has taken over that job for me.
Technology has taken over a lot of jobs, which if you think about it is a little scary. Because if we give all of our jobs up to technology, then aren't we really getting into a gray area about what our role is in a world where we no longer have any jobs?

I have told my husband every time the icemaker breaks and he has to take it completely apart and put it back together that I don't mind making ice in the trays like I used to. But he feels that ice is a right we have earned by paying an ungodly amount for our appliances and it should come out of the refrigerator with no effort on our part. I feel as if all of "my" jobs are slowly disappearing, which makes me wonder what I will have to do here in five or ten years. But I've gone over my five minutes, so that existential question will have to wait.



  1. I hate those ice makers, don't trust fridge water at ALL. It tastes horrible, who knows which chemicals run in that water. Ice trays, baby! Along with professionally filtered water.

    AS for what jobs will be left for us, maybe we'll become unwitting and unwilling organ donors for some new crop of hybrid humans?

  2. Our fridge has filtered water and we replace the filter every three months, so that's not an issue luckily!

    I really do wonder what our jobs will be. I think computers are trying to humanize and take over the earth. I see us as drone hacks who spend our time as unpaid data entry slobs who never get to eat or pee or sleep. I have a dim view of the future...Mark Zuckerberg is slowly taking over the world, so he will be in charge.


  3. I always liked that satisfying cracking sound when you bend and twist the trays to get the ice to pop out. I kind of miss doing that.

  4. I always have to run hot water over the bottom to get them to pop out. But it is satisfying when all of them pop at once.

    Ahhh...the little things. LOL

  5. You crack me up.... ahhh, ice. We have a new frig with a fancy ice maker. I hate to think what happens when it breaks. DON'T SPEAK IT! LOL

    I am also a Mom to a son with autism and rather than Bi-Polar, I have depression as a part of my life adventure. I was smiling even before I read your SOCSunday post. So glad to find you today!

  6. Hi, Julie, so glad to meet you!

    How old is your son? I think depression goes with the territory of having a child with autism, although I had severe depression as a teenager, so it's hard to say. I was severely depressed after my middle son was born and had horrible reflux. He cried constantly and never slept, so I was a wreck. Then the third one came along and then there was autism. Joy. :o)

    So glad you came over.


  7. Ah, another thing my son will never know about. I'm sure he would be totally fascinated by ice trays. I was so happy when I had an icemaker. Nothing was worse than going into the freezer to realize someone had forgotten to fill the ice trays. But now you're making me feel all nostalgic about it :)

  8. I miss ice trays. And I love the ice you buy in the bags that's round with the holes in the middle. But that's like $4 a bag and we go through ice like crazy.

    He fixed the thing again. It's still moaning and groaning about it, but somehow he got it to work. I was kind of enjoying the ice trays though.

    There are SO many things our kids won't know about. It's sad, really.


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