Saturday, November 5, 2011

Random Conversations With Joey

Calvin and Hobbes Cartoon via Google Images

I was sitting in my recliner at 9:00 this morning when Joey came down for breakfast. Normally, he would bug Justin on Saturday morning to do his usual milk and peanut butter toast for him, but Justin has a work thing and I am redirecting traffic right now. I am usually up by 9:00, so I thought I would help the dude out. After all, he is taking care of that pesky mortgage and did walk the dog this morning before starting a five or six hour work marathon after a full work week with a sinus infection and bronchitis. It's the least I could do. Seriously. The absolute least. (Sometimes I wonder why I'm here.)

So, I got up with a groan that is usually reserved for 80 year old women. The following conversations ensued:

Joey: You must be really tired.

Me: No, I'm sore. Well, and I'm tired. I'm sore and tired. But I'm reading something funny, so it's okay.

Joey: (Wanders back over to see what I'm reading.)

Me: You can't read that. It's for adults. (I was reading the latest Bloggess post, FYI. She's way funnier than me. In fact, you should be reading her right now - here's the link: The Bloggess. Go. I'm fine with it.)

Joey: Oh, I guess I have to be 18 to understand it.

Me: At least.

Joey: And it probably has a lot of swear words.

Me: Yep.


Joey: Good thing I came down for breakfast.

Me: Why?

Joey: I'd probably be cranky before I got my morning milk.


Joey: What's so funny?

Me: Most people say that about their coffee.

I swear you can't make this shit up and I'm going to write a book called "Conversations with Joey" someday. If I can remember to write them all down, which is a big if because half of them fly out of my fibromyalgia addled, can't remember that I haven't eaten until the craving for candy becomes insane brain before I remember they were funny.

For the record, the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon is because Joey loves Calvin and Hobbes and it makes him giggle, which can sometimes get annoying when he can't stop, but usually is seriously precious. How am I going to make peace with the fact that he's turning into a teenager next month?

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