Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Grim Reaper Has Candy!

As he does every year for Halloween, Jamie dressed up and went outside to hand out the candy. Usually, he wears this costume with "the Scream" mask. This year he decided to dress it up with a completely black face. I so appreciate his handing out the candy before they get to the door because it keeps the dog from going ape shit every five minutes.

Because we have blue light bulbs in our outside light fixtures (light it up blue for autism!), the front of our house is fairly dimly lit. The kids were coming up the driveway in packs and Jamie was sitting on the front porch or standing there in the dark with the candy bowl. I was sitting in my recliner (which is right there in the picture) and could hear the screams of one little one in particular who didn't see Jamie in the dark. He felt kind of bad, because he really didn't want to scare the little princesses and fairies and other assorted adorable dressed up munchkins. So if one of the little ones seemed really scared, Jamie immediately pulled up the mask and apologized and showed them he was only a 15 year old high school freshman. Which of course resulted in more screams. (Seriously, is there anything scarier than a high school kid?)

I am hoping nobody had nightmares last night because of my son with the dark sense of humor. That costume is even a little scary to me. He did have me cut little slits in the face for his eyes so that he could see who was coming. He was afraid I would slip with the scissors and accidentally stab him in the eyeballs, but no blinding occurred in this incident.

Joey was not going to go trick or treating this year, since I think once they get to middle school, they're getting a bit too big. I hate when those roving bands of teenagers with their pillowcases come ringing your bell at 9:00 on Halloween night. Truly, I find these kids the scariest thing about Halloween. You think "It" was scary? Try having four or five adolescent boys that are taller and bigger than you ringing your bell after you've turned off the porch light, shaking you down for candy. I'm happy to have that big, barking golden retriever when these things happen.

But anyway, Joey went to a Halloween pizza party across the street and then a neighbor took him around to the houses on the street. He told everyone "no, thank you" to everything except M&M's, the only candy he will eat. Damn it, I wanted those smarties! Now I remember why I sent my kids out every year!

We had to scrounge a costume at the last minute when he got the invitation - he went as a tae kwon do student because the ninja costume no longer fit him (when did he get so tall?) and because Jamie still had his old uniform. Of course, I missed the photo op for that one, but at least I got our 15 year old grim reaper with his candy bowl. I think he had fun. And hopefully no children were emotionally harmed last night due to our offspring.

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