Monday, October 31, 2011

What's in my Bag?

Roo over at Nice Girl Notes is having a "link up" party. We all have to show what is in our handbags and whoever has the best stuff gets a really cool designer handbag. So, I am revealing all in my "tell-all handbag photos." I swear, you can't make this shit up.

Completely Recycled Materials by

Coupons to Old Navy, TGIFridays, Petco, CVS Pharmacy, and old receipts. Also, wallet (overstuffed), cell phone, three different lip glosses/lipsticks (I don't wear any), hand sanitizer, hand lotion. pen, car keys with Bloggess Beyonce key chain, hair clips, hairbrush, card to local substance abuse treatment program (my therapist had an office there - it has nothing to do with the pill bottle!), very old medication (I think benadryl and azo, but I couldn't tell for sure so I threw it out. Also, meds for the day and yes, wait for it, a bottle of Percocet. (I think that should win me the bag right there!)

First pass of overstuffed wallet:  Discount cards to various local stores, library card, Red Cross blood onor card, expired discount cards for urinary incontinence medication, Blockbuster card (which went out of business when?), Ford keyless entry code (for the car my son now drives, which I gave him), roadside assistance card (which expired at least five years ago), insurance cards (I have two; I think I need double the health insurance), disabled parking permit card (permit now expired), and driver's license.

Cards to get us into the local museums with one punch left, social security card, card with emergency contact information from 2009, two voter registration cards (doesn't everyone need two?), safe child identification cards for my younger two children, pictures of me, hubby, three sons, and our friends' beautiful daughter who passed away from leukemia last year. Also, two cards for the Metro in Washington, DC with money left on them. Because we go to DC all the time - like twice in the last six and a half years.

Delving deeper into my wallet, $5 in cash, receipts from our trip to Gettysburg in August, magnet from the animal hospital that fixed the puppy about a year ago, cards for the eye doctor, primary care doctor, and therapist, coupons for the local soft pretzel place, and another Old Navy coupon.

Check it out, people. That sucker expired last March!

Credit cards, debit card, and a gift card to the local mall with no money on it that I received when I had my hysterectomy in April 2010. From that awful office that fired me. Do I win for sheer number of credit cards?

Okay, Roo, I'm expecting that handbag to be delivered Fed Ex! Just let me know when I win.


  1. Bahahaha. I'm totally guilty of having tons of expired coupons in my bag. Thanks for linking up, Chelle! :)

  2. So, I won, right? I know the expired coupons and the percocet totally did it. And I need a new bag!

    Thanks, Roo. It was fun. Can't wait for the next one. I'm going to put some more interesting stuff in there.


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