Friday, October 7, 2011

Today Has Been Canceled

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I apologize, but today's blog entry has been canceled due to exhaustion.

Running on three hours of nightmare filled sleep is not conducive to witty sarcasm and snarkiness, so I am taking the day off, lying on the couch, and moaning periodically. I am hopeful Justin will stop working long enough to feed me, but if not, I'm happy with the Halloween candy stash the kids don't know about. (Always hide the candy in the coat closet - teenagers hate coats.)

I hope to return to my regularly scheduled attitude tomorrow. However, since we have guests coming next weekend (no, the weekend after this one that's starting, not tomorrow), I plan on trying to actually clean some things that I've been putting off. Like the inch of dust on the ceiling fans and the front of the fireplace that is so dull, it no longer reflects things. Unless I get no sleep again tonight, in which case, the dust will stay and I will ask the guests to not look too closely at anything that might collect dirt. That goes for the puppies that Jack is shedding also.

I apologize for any inconvenience and just want you to know that my current lack of words is purely temporary. You're welcome.

I was going to upload a video of the dog talking to Justin, but blogger hates me. So I will see if I can get my techie hubby to figure out why you can't get a laugh out of my psychotic dog along with me. I am also thinking I need to scan in my actual handwritten signature, because it's sort of impersonal to just type my name at the end. And I think I'm hallucinating from lack of sleep. Clearly I'm rambling, so I will leave you with this crap that is passing for today's blog entry. 


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