Sunday, October 30, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Tropical Island Getaway


Okay, so I got this idea from my friend Teri and thought it sounded like fun. Except the more I think about just writing about whatever is in my head for five minutes, well, it kind of scares me. Because sometimes, you know, the things in my head are a little scary.

And shouldn't you have an idea for what you're going to write about? Nope - apparently it's meant to be a brain dump with no editing. I'm thinking it might be a good idea to get the kids back upstairs and the hubby out to the store before I give this a shot! So, I'll be back in oh, say, a half hour?

Okay, so here goes. It's 10:09 - somebody stop me at 10:14 (and yes, that math was hard!)

So Justin's getting a really late start on the shopping this morning because work called him at 7:15 this morning. I do not understand how they can lay off all of those people and then expect him to go back to this on call crap, but I guess they totally can. So now it's after 10:00 and that means the stores will be crowded. I wish he would let me do the shopping, but I tend to spend the national debt every time I go to the store, so I can kind of see his point.

Besides, if I stay here instead of doing the shopping, I can go shop around Etsy for stuff for the really cool Jenny Lawson style dollhouse I want to build. I'm not sure I even can build a dollhouse, but if I can make these cross stitch things, surely I can make a dollhouse? It's just glue and nails - little tiny nails - and a little tiny hammer. And siding and shingles and stuff. And the first thing I'm putting in there is that cool miniature Ouija board I found on Etsy. Who knew they actually made haunted miniatures? Someone found a niche. I hate them. If I could find a niche, I could make some actual money (instead of the money I'm always spending in my head) and then Justin could quit working and being so stressed all the time.

Yeah, yeah, we could go live on a tropical island, send the kids off to boarding school, and get groceries delivered by plane. That's it. Seriously. It's like the island on Jane Ann's computer screen when I go in every week. I *heart* that island with a passion. It's totally my happy place. Not that I would wear a bathing suit or anything. Of course, if I had my own island, I could maybe start walking on the beach. And if I was walking on the beach (because in this fantasy, not only am I on an island, then I'm also pain and drug free!), I would definitely lose weight, so all of the clothes I ordered to wear on the island would be a smaller size and actually fit. *Squeee!!!!* I love the idea of having my own island. And if that damned dog scratches at the door to be let in and then runs away one more time, I am getting into my car and driving to the nearest airport to pull a Tom Hanks/Castaway type of deal.

Okay, that's five minutes in my head. Only slightly censored - I think I did pretty well in the "I'm not going to hold back on this (much) department.


  1. Hi! So nice to meet you :) I am visiting from the SOC Sunday. Can I go to that island? and if you don't want me on your island, that's o.k. - I mean we just met. Maybe I'll just copy your idea of having an island if that is fine with you!

  2. Welcome to #SOCSunday! I bet you are an HGTV HouseHunters International fan - right?!

  3. Hi Monika and Helena,

    You are welcome to join me on my island. I am thinking of making it a women's only retreat...the water is clear and green, the sand is white, the sun is always shining (but doesn't damage your skin), and there will always be drinks with lots of crushed ice and little umbrellas. Oh, and comfy places to lounge while listening to the waves crash on the shore.

    Monika, I am not an HGTV HouseHunters International fan, but I could be if I knew what it was!

    I love this stream of consciousness thing, but I think timing will be everything here. There are some things that should really just never leave my head!


  4. OMG yay!!! I'm glad to see a familiar face here. :) I am also working on a dollhouse because of what I saw Jenny do with hers...I have a dollhouse that my grandma built for me when I was little...she spent so much time making me furniture and curtains and now that I'm older I feel so badly I didn't appreciate it when she was was so much work. I'm going to do my best to honor her memory by refurbishing it...I might not go as dark as Jenny's but it's definitely going to be all about the things I like. So glad I'll have a buddy in this - we'll have to share sites and ideas!

  5. Teri,

    I am definitely going to do this. It's just a matter of how long it takes me to get the money together to get the kit.

    The one she used is the Apple Blossom kit and you can still get it, but it's $180 plus shingles and siding. And glue, nails, and paint. So I found another one I liked for $115 which includes the shingles and siding. Which isn't bad.

    You are way ahead of the game if you already have the dollhouse. I know it will take me longer than it took her to build hers because I'm not handy and she said it took her a year. And she made a LOT of the stuff inside, like the books, and I don't think I would even know how to go about that. But I'm going to get going on it as soon as I can get the kit!

    Yay that someone else wants to do this. I've had a couple of people on my FB page also say they wanted to do it and one of them is my husband's cousin. Conceivably, we could work on our projects together because we don't live terribly far apart (2 hours?)

    Anxious to see a picture of the dollhouse you have already.

  6. So it's not wrong to sometimes wish for something like Castaway? Escaping technology might be a good thing and I would surely lose weight :)

  7. Since I have the deserted island fantasy as my "happy place," I would say no, it's not. I just would like an island where they fly in food cause I can't see myself catching fish and rigging a system to catch rainwater!


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