Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Guest Are Coming! The Guests Are Coming!

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When people come to my house, which is rare, I am hyper-aware of every single mote of dust and drift of dog hair. It's so funny, because although I've had lots of people comment on how clean my house is, all I see is the dirty windows, the dust on the ceiling fans, and the blinds that I haven't cleaned, since, well, their installation. I worry that people will actually go into my drawers and cabinets and realize that my cleanliness is nothing more than outright fraud. I have no idea why I am afraid of this.

This weekend, I have been pushing myself to my absolute physical limit cleaning out cupboards, pitching stuff we don't need, putting stuff away where it belongs, and moving the pots and pans to another cabinet so we can get them out without dropping something on our feet and cursing. Why? I have no idea, other than I am a freaking perfectionist.

No matter how much I accomplish, I see that there is so much more to do. And really, if someone wants a glass out of the cupboard by the sink next weekend, they are going to see some serious dust. My next task - take everything out of the dishes cupboards and wipe down the shelves. Maybe tomorrow.

Here are some shots of what I did get accomplished yesterday. Sorry I forgot to do the before pictures, but trust me when I tell you this is a lot better than it was.

Obviously, this last one needs a little work, still. but trust me. That is amazingly better than it was before I started. The things we save just kills me. I found all of my paystubs clipped together from the job I lost a year ago. Why would I still need these? Or two magnets for the kennel we sometimes use to board the dog.

This morning, I discovered that you can actually clean out a refrigerator. Did anyone else know about this? Why didn't anyone tell me?

I got into Justin's office and dusted, swept, and mopped the hardwood floor. Between cleaning out the refrigerator and cleaning Justin's office, I am totally wiped. I'm too tired to even get pictures of the office or the refrigerator. But imagine something that was really disgusting and dirty (the fridge) now being fairly shiny and clean.

I only did the refrigerator half. I think the freezer is in pretty good shape, as long as I get to the drawer at the bottom and clean out underneath it.

Why do I do this to myself whenever we have guests? Well, like I said, it's unusual that we have guests. We don't get a lot of visitors. We don't have a guest room, which is kind of sucky, so people can't stay here and the ones that visit the most, my parents, are dealing with other issues right now and don't really have time to visit. Since my only usual visitors (my mom who has pretty high standards of clean and is probably allergic to my dog) are not showing up regularly, the incentive to clean the things that the cleaning woman doesn't has kind of been lost in the shuffle. And frankly, every time I do one task, I realize that there are a dozen more that need to be done, so it's pretty discouraging. I'm trying not to over do it, but I also know that the guests will be here Friday morning and I want my house to be clean.

I kind of feel like I've been run over by a truck at the moment. It's an exhaustion that goes beyond words and isn't helped by sleep. I see my primary care doctor on the 25th and my plan is to ask him to run some tests (like RA, ANA, lyme disease, and anything else I can think of) to see if there might be something going on besides the fibromyalgia. I've always had the "fatigue," but this is a whole new level of I can't move.

At least I still have the ability to type, although the ability to think straight is kind of escaping me right now, so I am hopeful this will make sense.

I hope you had a more peaceful and relaxing weekend than I did. My week is not packed full of things to do because I know I will want to clean those other hidden places and I only have so many spoons per day. Once I run out of spoons, that's pretty much all she wrote.



  1. The only time my house gets really clean is when we have company...which does not include family who live within a 20 mile radius!

  2. Teri,

    I have a woman who comes in every other Thursday to do the dusting, vacumming, and clean the bathrooms. But she doesn't do things like dust the cabinets and rinse off dishes that have been sitting or wash windows. And suddenly, when someone I am not related to might see my house, the dust in the cabinets and the dirty windows is ALL I can see. Ugh!

    I'm just not physically up to doing all the stuff that needs to be done to take care of a house this size. But we live here, so I'm sure they won't even notice.


  3. My cleaning Lady is coming tomorrow morning. It takes me hours the night before to get everyone to pick up all their "Junk/stuff" so she can clean. I live with men...a Hubby,who isn't too bad, a 25 year old son who is a slob, and a 23 year old son who has more shoes and clothes than any woman I know. Needless to say, the cleaning lady does not do the bedrooms. It looks good for a few days, but I know that under all their clutter thrown around, it is clean!
    Good post!


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