Thursday, October 20, 2011

Full of Hot Air

Every so often, this hot air balloon drifts by the back of our house. We will be hanging out, eating dinner, and suddenly this burst of color will go sailing by. It's always kind of eye candy against the backdrop of leaves. I find myself wondering if it is made by just sewing different colors of nylon fabric together. How do they make hot air balloons? I should really google it.

It's funny how sometimes life drops a big bit of color into our view when we aren't expecting it. Although the balloon has become old news for the kids, I still get my breath taken away a little bit every time I see it.

I don't think they intend for it to float our way. It always seems to land in the field next to us, which isn't exactly the best place to land. I find myself wondering if whoever was in the balloon has to package it up and carry it back to wherever it came from. In my mind I can hear, "Where's the freaking car?" and "I'm tired. Can't you carry this for awhile?"

But the beauty of the balloon, just for a few minutes, makes me forget the rottenness of life over the last twelve months or so. It's a spot of color in a dingy, colorless existence of unexpected loss and horrific illness.

It's kind of like that explosion of stars on a clear night when I'm in the hot tub. Joey and I will go out while it is still getting dark and the stars will kind of wink on one by one until there is an entire galaxy above us. We are lucky enough to live far enough away from "the city" that we can see millions of stars in our own backyard.

It's a matter of whether we choose to see the moment of bright color or the explosion of stars for that moment that they are offered or whether we are so focused on all of the bad stuff that is happening that we miss a moment of peace. Sometimes it is a relief to just take a breath and concentrate on something beautiful, just to remember there is beauty in the world.

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