Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall in Virginia

Ah, Virginia in October. I think it's the reason we have that "Virginia is for Lovers" slogan going around. You just can't beat it. I took this photo from the top of the platform we climbed to look out over the three acres of corn maze at the Mackintosh Fruit Farm on Saturday.

My camera doesn't do that sky justice and I think my camera is about the best camera in existence.


This pumpkin really looked black to me, but Justin swore it was green. Whatever, it was a totally cool pumpkin. There were millions of them that hadn't been "picked" still left in the field. (Orange, not green or black)

We found Yellow Dog from the movie Funny Farm. So this is how a dog is supposed to act, instead of the quivering mass of shedding puppy fur we have here at our house. Jack spent the entire weekend either in his crate or trying to herd the little ones when I wasn't watching. Every time I tried to walk him back to his crate, he splayed out all four feet and sank to the floor, knowing I wouldn't drag his 85 pound butt by the collar. That's what he thought, until yesterday when I did because I was so sick of him collapsing every time he saw me. He thought the little ones were new puppies. Or something.

Baby Diesel was the only one game enough to put his face in the farmer cutout. I think Joey would have done it, but he was already too busy trying to figure out which way to go in the maze to get to the next piece of the puzzle.

Flags, just in case we got lost in there. Which would have worked great, except that no one was working the maze on Saturday. Good thing Joey and Justin could find their way out of downtown DC in the middle of the night. Me, not so much. I would have been the one calling 911 on my cell phone at dusk because I couldn't find my way out. (When Justin told me he had read about someone doing that, I could totally relate.)

I think Joey was the more eager of the two. He seemed to think there was going to be a grade at the end. If there had been, he would have been an A+. After all, he led the way and we ended up at the exit.

He wasn't the only one who wanted to sit down at this point. Justin's pedometer informed us that we had walked about two miles. I still can't bear weight on my feet and it's Monday. Of course, that could be because we walked the vastness of our local Target yesterday (I know! I went out, right? Suck it, agoraphobia)

Yesterday, I learned how to make applesauce to go with our turkey sloppy joes. (I think Justin's palpitations have stopped now.) I must really like our friends because I let them cook broccoli twice in my kitchen without even grimacing. For some reason, they all love vegetables. My kids can't even say "vegetables." I swear, Mom, I didn't even gag once. Maybe I'm outgrowing it?

Seriously, though. It was the best weekend. Even with the men going to the Redskins game yesterday for the whole day, leaving us way too many ankle biters between the dog and the kids. It's such a treat for me to spend time with another woman. And little people. I forget how fun they are when they're not wearing you out. I had babyproofed pretty well, but it's been a long time and we didn't really expect to have to drug the dog as much as we did. Thank God I had saved Joey's Thomas the Tank engine trains with extensive tracks and Jamie's legos. And I'm afraid Joey recruited a new member to the video game addict club, for which I am intensely sorry.

I swear, I never meant to damage their children emotionally. Hopefully they survived the weekend without a their kids developing a fear of dogs and annoying repeated requests for a Wii.

Otherwise, they might not want to come back.

Isn't that the cutest face you've ever seen?

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