Saturday, October 1, 2011

Apologies for Any Offense

Just a brief note in connection with my last blog entry.

I certainly did not intend any offense to anyone who has issues with their weight by poking fun at my own. I would never judge a person on how they look; instead I look to how they act. Actions speak so much louder than words.

I have been doing some reading on post-hysterectomy recovery and it would seem that the weight gain and the associated pain that seems to go with it is by no means unusual after this surgery. It also appears that doctors are dismissing this (I have only anecdotal evidence, but I have a lot of it) and that is just wrong on the part of the medical profession. I went back to the doctor who did my surgery last year and he dismissed my pain and said I was completely healed. My primary care doctor has no idea why I am still having pain, but I suspect that with fibro patients, if you ever cause any type of injury to any area of your body, it instantly begins to send chronic pain signals to your brain at the site of the injury. In this case, my abdomen and pelvic area.

And when I said I would like to find out where all sizes of women shop, I really wasn't kidding. I see women of all sizes who are very stylishly dressed and am wondering if they can do it, why am I having such a hard time?

There are, indeed, much worse things than extra weight, as my commenter so aptly pointed out. We have lived through some of them in the past year and are continuing to mourn Justin's dad passing away and live the nightmare of cancer treatment for my mother. I try to make light of some of the less horrible things that happen to me in an effort to both entertain others and to distract myself from the other, more serious things going on in our lives.

Again, if I offended, I truly apologize. I in no way intend to ever hurt anyone's feelings in any way with this blog. Well, except my former employers, whose feelings I couldn't care less about, since I suspect I will forever be saddled with a fear of the "real world" because my last job was such an awful experience.




  1. This was very kind of you to say. Often people don't mean to be offensive but it's kind of hard when I stand here at 300 pounds having someone who weighs 135 pounds referring to themselves as "fat." If they're fat, what the hell am I? Well, I know--I'm fat! But does that make me a horrid person? I'm not referring to you here. I've had this sort of experience so often in the past, though. I doubt I'll ever lose the weight with the endocrine problems I have so I try to accept it, but some days its harder than others. Particularly when I so often hear that it's a choice. Yes, with all the problems I have I freely choose to become part of a despised subclass of people! That sounds great!
    I'm really glad you pointed out the factor of adipose tissue being painful following a hysterectomy, though! Yikes--I would seriously be in the soup if I ever had one, which I had been considering because of endometriosis. I guess I'll just muddle through untill the old crimson fountain dries up instead!
    Wishing you well.

  2. Faycin,

    I went to your blog and it would appear that you haven't even felt safe in your online world and that is just horrible. It's crushing when people we don't know say nasty, mean-spirited things about us or worse, make assumptions about us that aren't true when they don't know us. It makes me feel violated but I don't know who to kick!

    Like I said, I go by actions, not appearance. In all of my making fun of my own pants size, there is more than a kernel of truth in there because I cannot find any clothing that doesn't make my abdomen hurt since my surgery. I've never had this problem before and I dread getting dressed if I have to leave the house and can't wear sweats. I had hoped against hope that someone would post up an alternative, but so far nothing anyone has suggested has remotely worked. Very frustrating, especially when it's something that makes you hurt more than you already did!

    I don't know what "trolling" is (I assume it's people looking for particular "key" words in their google search and then leaving nasty comments), but I hope you feel that you can open your blog back up to new members at some point. I think you have a great sarcasm and very keen sense of observation. It would be a shame not to promote that by allowing more members.

    Lots of hugs,


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