Friday, September 23, 2011

Three Weeks and Still No Pajama Jeans

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On September 3rd, I discovered that had finally come out with a "skinny" jean look and I was all over that. I had been holding off on buying until they provided a different option than the flared at the bottom of the legs because that look is so 1970's...not exactly sure why this look has made a comeback, but let's just say it's not a good look on me.

So on September 3rd, I placed my order. When I got to the shipping part of the checkout, it asked if I wanted expedited shipping (at approximately $15 or regular shipping at about $7). Since I was already making an investment approximately equal to a semester of my oldest's son's tuition for one pair of pants and the "free" t-shirt that they were throwing in as a "gift," I did not want to pay $15 for shipping. And since I have never had trouble in the past with shipping, I figured it would take a week to ten days, tops, for the package to arrive.

Two weeks went by and no package. I finally send a message to their customer service department, who sent me a tracking number but not the method by which they had shipped my much anticipated comfy pants. I tried all of the various shipping methods and none of them came up with that as a valid tracking message. Finally, in frustration at the length of time it was taking for me to get my one pair of pajama jeans, I wrote a rather snippy message saying, "Hey, could you please tell me how you are shipping my package so I can track it? I'm getting frustrated with the amount of time it is taking for my order to get here." This is the message I got back:

Thank you for contacting customer service.

Below is the tracking information and as it states on the tracking information the package was shipped out by Streamlite and then it will be transferred to USPS for delivery.

Pajama Jeans Customer Service 
First of all, the tracking information was not included in the bottom portion of the message. Just the tracking number again. And second of all, what the hell is Streamlite???? Has anyone ever heard of Streamlite as a shipping method? And why are they shipping by Streamlite only to transfer it to the postal service?
Today I got my credit card bill in the mail. Although I had placed my order on September 3rd, the order was not processed until September 15th. I have checked the USPS tracking site and they have no record of my package. Justin says I should contact the credit card company and complain that I still do not have the package and they should not pay the pajama jean people. The problem is that I really want to see if the pajama jeans are actually truly pajama jeans. I mean, like pajama bottoms that look like jeans that I can wear out of the house.
So, if you are planning a pajama jean order, I would suggest that if you are committed to receiving your order, opt for the more expensive method of shipping. That is, if you want to get the item in less than a month. Because I am still here, with no pants.
I will keep you updated on whether or not I actually receive my pajama jeans. And I can say with conviction that it is very hard to endorse a product that takes a month to arrive. I am patient to a point with my online delivery, because it saves me having to leave the house and actually go to a store where a panic attack might develop. But a month? It's looking like that's about what it's going to be, since the postal service still has no record of my order. The last Streamlite (Streamlite?) updated, my pajama jeans were somewhere near Santa Fe, New Mexico. About 2500 miles or so away from their destination. I figure another week, at least.
In the meantime, I may just be at the point of doing what the woman in the photo above is doing - going out in my actual pajama bottoms. I really am that desperate.


  1. Chelle, this post is hysterical!!!! If you do decide to wear your pajama bottoms out ( not the denim ones you are waiting for) be sure you wear plaid. The Moose and Snowmen patterns are not to be worn until Dec 1st. as suggested in the Sept issue of Vogue Magazine!!!!! Debbie

  2. Thank you, Debbie! I really just want my pajama bottoms to be socially acceptable out in public, you know? I don't think it's really THAT much to ask.

    And a month for delivery??? I'm HOPING! A month. Streamlite must be literally SNAIL delivery. I knew that they got that term somewhere!



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