Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How I'm Going to Kill Myself With Cleaning

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Oh my goodness! I think I'm trying to create a fibro flare! Today I:

Cleaned the blinds on the big kitchen windows.

Washed the kitchen windows - two full sized and two half sized, inside and out.

Cleaned that icky place between the panes and the screen - you know, down at the bottom where the dirt, crud, dead flies, and moths go to torture you. Well, on the half windows. I forgot about the full sized windows. Justin said to forget about those, but if I'm going to commit to this cleaning thing, I don't want to do a half-assed job, so I have to go back and do those tomorrow.

Changed the cat litter. Picked up some trash I noticed lying around in the basement while I was down there, cause I figure I can take 6 years worth of junk out one armful at a time, and brought it up and put it in the trash can in the garage.

Took out the kitchen trash.

Unloaded the dishwasher.

Swept the stairs leading to the basement, which had collected approximately 50 pounds of dog and cat hair since I last did it. I think I swept up a puppy.

Walked the dog, made the salads, set the dinner table, and did the dinner dishes.

If you really think about, that's not that much. It really isn't. But now I'm hurting like I got run over by a truck. I begged Jamie if we couldn't go to Best Buy to get his earbuds for his iPod on Thursday, since I have to take him to the orthodontist that day anyway. (By the way, he walked right by the trash bag full of dirty cat litter twice and didn't take it out. Maybe I should make him pay for his own earbuds. And braces. And drive himself when he turns 16 in 2012.)

Fibro is a bitch. And because I've been sitting around on my butt ever since my surgery in April 2010, any exertion at all has me panting, moaning, and groaning like I've just run the Boston Marathon. Except those runners probably can go the 26 miles and not be breathing as hard as I was.

I have committed to doing one room's windows each day that I am home for any extended period of time. That was the agreement I made with myself when I decided that Facebook was eating too much of my time. I made a compromise that if I would do those windows (and then branch out from there), I could check Facebook a couple of times a day. Twice, max.

The problem is that now that I've awoken from my Facebook induced, hypnotic trance, I am noticing so much dirt in so many places that I don't pay to have cleaned every other week. Baseboards, woodwork, windows, chandeliers...oh, wow! Is my house dirty!

And now I'm going to rest for awhile. Tomorrow I will go back and do those two whatever you call them spots on the bottom of those windows (flies, moths, and all) and then I will clean the dining room windows. And maybe take out another armload of trash from the basement after they pick up last week's trash. Because it's time for fall cleaning.


(Update: I wrote this yesterday. Last night I only slept five hours (which is about half of what I need with the fibro to stay functional and today I have one of those headaches where even the light from behind the closed blinds hurts my eyes. I have no idea if yesterday's "cleaning frenzy" of four whole windows had anything to do with the sleep problem or the eye headache, but maybe I should slow down even farther? But wouldn't I then be a snail?)



  1. Congratulations on having enough motivation to do that much cleaning, even though it's hard and the aftermath is a pain in the ass! I admire you for putting forth the effort. When I am tired or in pain, or even just not feeling motivated for whatever reason, I really let things slide in my apartment until it gets to be an overwhelming mess. And then it's a nightmare to clean. I don't know why I do this, but no matter how many times I vow that I won't let it get like that again, I always let it get like that again. So I really admire people who can set up a plan for cleaning and follow through with it on a regular basis. I know how hard that is with Fibro, so I admire you.

  2. Jen,

    Great at setting up a plan; horrible on following through. I am still in a flare and the woman who does the bathrooms, dusts, and vacuums is coming today and I have to take my son to the orthodontist. So nothing will get done today for sure.

    And once I get a day or so away from the plan, the plan will probably fall apart. Or, if I get the bottom level of the house done, I won't want to go do the top level, so I'll justify it somehow and just not do it. I'm lousy, lousy, lousy at follow through! And that's not just the fibro.



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