Thursday, September 15, 2011

Help Me Rearrange!

Here's your chance to be interactive on my blog!

I got a comment from Selena, a new reader, suggesting that I use a recliner for my sewing. What a fantastic idea and we just happen to have two recliners along with our couch in the family room. The problem is that no matter how we arrange the furniture, we can't get both recliners facing the television. Maybe you can help. Here is what we are dealing with:

Facing the Television Wall - 14 1/2 Feet Wide

Window Wall - 11 1/2 Feet Long

Couch Wall - 11 1/2 Feet Long

Wet Bar Wall - Throughway Between Front Door and Kitchen

So help us out! How do we rearrange without blocking the windows with the couch, but having both recliners facing the television on the wall?

And of course, Jack had to get his big butt into the picture. He just loves it when I get my camera out. So Jack says hi. If you look at my laptop closely enough, maybe you can make my next move in Words with Friends.



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