Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another Ambien Post

Just for kicks, let's see what the ambien dazed mind can come up with tonight.

Before I took those supposed knock out pills, I was putting a list together of my top ten of various things. (Does the fact that I've had a typo in every single word in this sentence mean I should quit while I am ahead? Probably.)

Tonight's top ten turned into more like a top 30. I have no idea if you will find it interesting, but these are the top 30 (or so) books I have in my bookshelves that I would never give away. So, here goes:

1. Gone With The Wind
2. The Stand
3. The Red Tent
4. Pillars of the Earth
5. To Kill a Mockingbird
6. Girl Interrupted
7. Clan of the Cave Bear
8. Marley & Me
9. The Five People You Meet in Heaven
10. The Notebook
11. The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King (7 books really)
12. The Bell Jar
13. The Good Earth
14. His Bright Light
15. On Agate Hill
16. A Christmas Carol
17. The Harry Potter Series (again, 7 books)
18. Cold Mountain
19. The Scarlet Letter
20. A Dog's Purpose
21. Into the Wild
22. Forever
23. The Memory Keeper's Daughter
24. The Time Traveler's Wife
25. The Kite Runner
26. A Friend Like Henry
27. Emergence Labeled Autism
28. Plain Truth
29. Something Borrowed
30. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

And since I apparently can't count:

31. The Bridges of Madison County
32. The Hobbit
33. Follow the River (Except I don't actually have this one. I borrowed it from the library. Put it on my wish list!)
34. The Help (Borrowed from a friend. Put it on the wish list.)

Since I am constantly trying to get book lists from my friends, I figured I'd give you one of my own with a bunch of favorites. There aren't any from the kindle because I can never remember what I've read that's on there. I think there's something to be said for having a book with the title and author emblazoned all over the front cover the entire time you read it. Maybe amazon should consider adding that at the top of each "page" of their device...if that shows up in the new one, I'm suing for something. That one's mine!

Okay, I think a little coma inducing sitcoms are in order...maybe I'll get to bed by 12:30

It's always so much fun to wake up and discover that I already wrote a post for today! And to try to figure out what I ate from the dishes in the sink. I feel completely lucid, but have been informed that this part of my brain operates on kind of an automatic pilot and that I'm actually in some way asleep...that could be scary. Thank God I've never felt the desire or the need to drive!

Sweet dreams...




  1. Wow that would be an awful feeling to be working on Auto Pilot and wake up to have no clue what you have been doing.

  2. Actually, it would only be awful if I insisted that I was able to drive. The worst thing I ever do is blog, so if I ever slip and say something that is too personal and discover it the next morning, I can delete it fairly quickly. Hopefully I won't ever post my address or anything!

    I remember things after I discover that I did them - so I remember now writing this post last night. I also apparently was working on how Stephenie Meyer (Twilight) and J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter) are different and why Harry Potter is SO much better than the Twilight series. The only problem is, I could only get through half of the first Twilight book, so it's hard to do a true comparison without having read all of the books.

    This stuff kind of used to freak me out, but I've been on the ambien for so long, I just laugh and rewatch anything that I pulled up on demand because I don't remember what I watched the next day! And double check the blog for too much information and spelling mistakes. Typing on ambien feels like my fingers are swimming in caramel.



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