Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Things to Come!

So, maybe I haven't been blogging as much as I would like to these last few days.  It's funny how sometimes real life takes me away from the computer and drags me back into doing actual things instead of writing about them.  Between my birthday on Sunday and now trying to figure out what the heck I am going to do with the animals and the children when I need to be gone with Justin in Gettysburg, I am finding that I simply have not had time to do either a serious or a snarky blog entry.  This is such a crying shame, because I know y'all are sitting on the edge of your seats, watching your Facebook feeds to jump on each new entry and devour my words.  (No, I am not conceited, thank you very much!)

Here is what I promise to write about later today and tomorrow:

Why the question "How are you?" is absolutely the worst question on earth and should be banned from the English language.

How the decluttering is going.  I know I haven't posted much about my efforts lately, but I have been working on it quietly and consistently.  And to give you a preview, here is something I did this morning:

Yes, that cabinet in the dining room is now completely empty.  I know, right?????  Please ignore the boxes and stack of photos sitting on the floor next to the cabinet because I'm getting to it.  It's 15 years worth of photos that I need to go through and it's a little overwhelming.

Check back later today to see just what I took out of this cabinet and some other pics of things that have left the building.  It's unreal how much crap I have accumulated over the years and how much I do not want that crap now!

Off to lunch.  I promise two good entries are coming.  Really.



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