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Isn't this sign fantastic?

When I was out in West Virginia, helping my mom declutter her stuff, we went to the local Goodwill store to drop off a trunk full of items at the local Goodwill.  They have a wonderful thrift store (which I did not go in, for obvious reasons), but as I was waiting at the car to hand boxes to the boys to take in for donation, I saw two of these "simplify" signs.  I thought to myself, "What a wonderful way to express what it is I am trying to do with my life!"  So, of course I took a picture.

What I am proud of is that I did not actually buy the sign.  Or go into the really appealing store with the great bargains.  Because I am trying to get rid of clutter, not add to it, and no matter how much this sign sums up what I am trying to do or how much it would remind me to keep going when I get overwhelmed, adding it to my home is not in keeping with the sentiment it expresses.

After writing yesterday's post, I did indeed clear off my desk:

Funny thing about this picture.  See the computer mouse?  After I cleaned off the desk surface, I shut down my computer (with that mouse right there) and came downstairs.  I did not go back up to my desk at any point yesterday, preferring to jump onto Justin's computer in the office for the rest of the day.  Today, when I went to get the computer and bring it downstairs (as I usually do on Sundays), the mouse was gone.  It. Just. Disappeared.

So, either the mouse thieves came in the middle of the night, one of the kids is playing a practical joke on me, the cats took off with the mouse (I actually like this possibility the best), or, in an ambien induced state, I thought that it needed to be put away somewhere and don't remember it.

I can't honestly decide which of these possibilities is the most likely.  I did sneak into each child's bedroom and take a look around when I was getting the laundry together and both of the younger kids appear "clean."  Ben has a mouse on his desk (which is always there) and another mouse in the drawer that broke off of his desk and is sitting on the floor of his room.  I would suspect that this is my mouse, but it would be very unlike Ben to put that much effort into a practical joke.  And, if he did decide to play a joke on me (and I think this is very unlikely!), he would be much smarter than to hide it right where I could see it.

I went back to my own bedroom and took another look around, because the cats were tearing around up there yesterday like they had lost their minds.  They do that every time I come downstairs - I think it's a protest because Kylie is too afraid to come down and actually get into the same room with the golden retriever.  So she punishes me by sharpening her claws on my bedroom carpet and knocking things over.  But never has anything actually disappeared before as a result of the cats.  And, since it's a computer mouse, I can't see the cats having a whole lot of interest in the whole thing anyways.

Justin claims I was messing around my desk last night, but honestly, the only thing I did was to set my book down on top of it.  I had been planning to come up and read with him, but he had already turned out the light and I didn't want to wake him.  I also got up around 2:30 because it was thundering and Jack is deathly afraid of loud noises.  I just wanted to come down and check on him and, since he was out like a light, I went right back to bed.

The worst thing I have ever done under the influence of ambien is blog and not remembered that I published something the next morning.  And apparently I write coherently "under the influence," because I've only rarely had to omit something I had inadvertently shared and didn't really want on here.  I don't believe I have ever moved things around in the middle of the night.

Leaving the question of where the heck is my computer mouse????

I think some heavy duty interrogation techniques are in order when Ben wakes up - a cold sterile room and a very bright light and Justin slamming his hands down on the table (with the suspect mouse on top of it) saying, "Didn't you take this mouse?  Why don't you just ADMIT IT???"

Or, I could start looking around and see if maybe I was doing some "decluttering" in my drug induced sleep.  God, insomnia sucks.



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