Thursday, July 28, 2011

Let's Decrapify!

I've really been horrible about keeping you guys informed about my decrapifying efforts lately.  Which is totally unfair to the people who come over from 365 Less Things, since you guys just want to know how to get rid of your shit without all the moaning and groaning that comes from my blog.

Unfortunately, I keep getting distracted by life and the weird chicken and bird type sounds that are coming from my 12 year old's Wii system across the hall.  I really need to go see what that boy is doing!

Okay, it was his laptop and he's playing Kids vs. Ice Cream.  A cute little game where you are the ice cream truck and you have to keep the kids away by shooting ice cream at them.  Why can't I be the ice cream truck in real life?  How awesome would that be?  You drive along, pelting other people's annoying little boogers, stealing your own stock....mmmm...Baskin Robbins Chocolate Chip....where was I?

Oh yeah, decluttering.  Ahem.  Decrapifying.

For some reason, I've determined that at the moment the dining room is the room to remove things from.  I have no idea why, because it's really the least cluttered room in the house.  But I keep getting drawn back in there to remove more things from the cabinets.  I think it's safe to say I'm done in there:

Okay, I'm still working out whether to get rid of the Statue of Liberty and the 9/11 commemorative plates.  But I think overall it's pretty well decluttered.  And when you get to this:

...can't you really say that you have accomplished your goal?  Now I have empty shelves and no idea what to do with them!

Justin and I have gone back and forth a couple of times about the fact that I don't really believe we need formal dining room furniture.  He argues that it's the only room in the house that has matching pieces, which really is a good point.  I've argued that the room gets used twice a year and what a complete and total waste of space.  But, he has a valid argument because, well, look:

It is very pretty and everything matches, which is not something you can say about any other room in the entire house.  Even though we've been married 23 years, my sense of interior design is still appalling and we have mismatched furniture throughout. 

Some things that came out of the dining room:

When I declutter, I usually do a huge sweep.  What's the fun in doing one item at once? I mean, I like Colleen's idea of getting rid of one thing each day, but I'm more of an all or nothing kind of girl.  When I declutter, it's like when the Allies went through Germany back in World War II.  I take no prisoners.

My next declutter mission:  To blast my 19 year old out of his bedroom and into a college dormitory.  I want that room, damn it!



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