Thursday, July 14, 2011

I've Got Nothing So Watch the Zombie Apocalypse

I'm not sure, but this could possibly be the shittiest week of my life.  Sorry for the profanity, but I really, honestly, have nothing.  So I am sending you over to Jenny Lawson's website to watch her speech at the EVO convention last weekend.  Apparently, Mormons really rock but they don't make very good bartenders.  But since they don't seem to mind the profanity, I'd have to say the no alcohol rule would work okay for me.

Also, apparently people who sell lawn ornaments are getting requests for metal chickens, so that post is well worth checking out, as is her screen shot of her googling "shipping containers for typhoid infected cobras."  You can always count on google, not only to know what you really mean but to also give you options.

Thanks to the Bloggess.  Jenny, you. are. awesome.  My goal in life is to be ridiculously happy and I am so shouting "Wolverines!" the next time I am out in public.



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