Friday, July 22, 2011

If You Don't Like Blood, Read No Further!

I did this to myself in the shower this morning.  Again.


I came downstairs wrapped in a towel after my shower and said to Justin, "If you will get me my camera and a bandaid, I will flash you."  Camera and bandaid were immediately received and he didn't bat an eye until I opened the towel.

But anyway....

I've been thinking for awhile about the difference between intelligence and stupidity.  Here is how Webster's dictionary (for students because I am too lazy - not to be confused with stupid - to go upstairs into the oven that has become the top level of my home during this heat wave to get my own adult dictionary) defines these words:

Intelligence:  1. The ability to learn and understand; 2. NEWS; 3. INFORMATION; an agency that obtains information about an enemy or a possible enemy.

Stupidity:  1. The quality or state of being stupid (Okay, really?  You don't define a word with another version of the same word!); a stupid thought, action, or remark.  (Again, seriously??? This is what we're teaching our students now?  No wonder test scores are going down.  But I digresss...)

Okay, so let's look up stupid, since Webster's thinks it is being clever here:

Stupid:  1. Slow or dull of mind; 2. Showing or resulting from a dull mind or a lack of proper attention; 3 Not interesting or worthwhile.

Whew.  For a minute there I was afraid I was stupid and just was too "dull of mind" to know it.  I mean, really, would you actually know if you were stupid?  Well, I know when I'm acting stupid.  As in my mind is not paying attention, I don't pick up on a fact, I don't remember something I should, I don't (ahem, here's the important part) learn from my mistakes.

I was thinking that it might be a good idea for Webster's to redefine intelligence and stupidity.

Stupidity:  The act of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Intelligence:  Learning from your mistakes and doing something differently.

Okay, that's not too different from the definition of intelligence that Webster's came up with, i.e. the ability to learn and understand.  For instance, I know that if I run the razor over my ankle in a certain way, I am going to cut myself.  And then I proceed to run the razor over that same spot on my ankle over and over and over own definition of stupidity.  How can I not remember that it hurts when I do that?  Am I being stupid?  No, I am probably just coming up with a list of blog topics, or thinking about what I'm about to sit down and write, or I'm singing the theme song to Sesame Street in my mind and not paying attention.  Wait.  That was part of the definition of stupid, right?  Not paying attention.




  1. Oh my gosh...I do the same thing when shaving! Thanks for pointing out that I am, er, dull. Actually, speaking of dull, it doesn't happen when my razor is dull, so I think the message is to never install a fresh blade. Or, maybe it is that women weren't meant to shave their legs. Of course, then I guess men could argue that they weren't meant to shave their faces and that is just unacceptable!

  2. Tamara,

    I agree that women should not have to shave their, well, anything. But we don't live in France, so I guess it's more socially acceptable to go around with bandaids and bleeding than to be hairy.

    I also agree that it would be unacceptable for men not to shave and that if they have to, then we should also. And it really is more pleasant (to me, anyway) all the way around if everyone uses their razors. Except for my 12 year old. I don't give him razors.

    I'm pretty sure there's a very "dull" woman lurking inside this head of mine, just waiting to get out. Every once in awhile, she sneaks past me and shows the stupid side of me...oh well!



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