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How to Buy Your Nieces' Affection and Be the Aunt They Love

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Okay, I'm pretty sure I need an intervention.  Do they have interventions for women who give their nieces really expensive jewelry so that said nieces will then think their aunt is better than ice cream and Santa Claus?

A little back story.

Justin is one of three kids.  He has four boys, including the three I forced on him gave him, and one son from his first marriage.  His brother has one boy and three girls.  His sister is single with no children.

So, I got the boys.  My brother in law got the girls.  It's okay, cause I totally get boys and have no freaking idea how to talk to little girls.  I love them and I wanted them and I would have so spoiled them if I had them, but I got boys and I'm really happy with that.  But there are these three little nieces.  Adorable little nieces.  Who I only see a couple of times a year, so they don't really remember me or know who I am.  I plan on rectifying this with jewelry.  Oops, I mean by visiting a lot more.  But also, apparently, by impulsively giving them jewelry.

When we went down to Fredericksburg to attend my father in law's funeral earlier this week, I took a small box with an opal necklace that Justin had given to me and a matching ring.  I didn't wear the ring, but I did wear the necklace to the service.  When we got there, I walked over to my sister in law to give her a hug and my oldest niece said to me, "I like your necklace, Aunt Chelle."  I told her thank you, that Justin had given it to me and my sister in law mentioned that opal was M's birthstone.

Oh my God!  I know how I can buy their love get to know my nieces!  With shiny, expensive jewelry.  On total impulse, I told M that I had some things I wanted to give her.  I do not regret this for a minute.  This is jewelry I had actually thought of selling.  I can't wear the opal earrings Justin bought from an estate jeweler because my ear holes closed up years ago and I was allergic to every single pair I ever owned.  I never wore the opal ring because it just bugged me for some reason.  The ring looked a lot like the one in the picture.  And I have two opal necklaces because Justin bought me one years ago and then forgot, so he bought me another one the Christmas before last.  I like the one I was wearing more than the other one, although the other one is probably more valuable.  So M is getting the earrings, extra necklace and ring.  Extra jewelry problem solved with bonus of niece thinking I'm the greatest person on the planet right now.

I had put all of this opal jewelry into a box and considered where on earth I could take it to sell.  And it sat there.  Until we went to the funeral, when I discovered that M's birthstone was opal.  Lightning strikes!!!

I casually asked my sister in law what the other girls' birthstones were, thinking I could also bequeath some things to them so that they didn't feel left out.  Diamond and peridot.  Um...

After we got back to my mother in law's house, I went into our luggage and got out the ring that I had brought with me and found M.  I handed her the ring, saying, "Remember when I told you I have something for you?"  Her eyes got as big around as the watermelons in my garden.  I then told her that I would be back down with the necklace and earrings sometime soon.  She ran to her mom with the ring and tried it on every finger, but this is adult jewelry and it is just too big for her.  And way too adult and expensive and totally inappropriate.  And I'm really tickled that I can be the aunt that brings pretty, shiny things that these adorable little girls can show off to their little friends and proudly say, "My Aunt Chelle gave me that!"  And maybe wear them for prom or something.

Of course, this little "gift" created a gift giving problem.  What to do for the other two, because I  in no way want them to feel as if Aunt Chelle doesn't want to buy their love love them too. (Okay, seriously, I am not looking to buy their love, but it was so much freaking fun to see M's eyes light up when she saw that ring!) Luckily, I also have a pair of diamond stud earrings that I can't wear (see reasons above) which I can give to K.  But as far as E is concerned, I am stymied.  Peridot is green and frankly, I've never heard of it.  And who wants green jewelry?  Plus, who wants jewelry they can't wear?  Maybe I should have thought this through a little better?  (Do you know me, people?  When have I ever thought anything through?  That's the fun part of being bipolar.  Life can be fun when people can't predict what you are going to come up with next.)

I'm thinking it might be a good idea to steal from ask my mom if she would be willing to part with a couple of items of jewelry, since she mentioned that she has a lot of jewelry sitting around not doing anything yesterday when I told her about the opal ring gifting.

But...I have a feeling the fun will run out when the girls realize they cannot wear these items for at least ten years without their mother and a bodyguard present.  So, I mentioned to Justin that it might be a good idea to order pendants for each of them online with their birthstones.  Except maybe pink for E instead of green because really, she likes pink better.  And wouldn't it be fun to have something they could actually wear now and show off enjoy?

I think Justin should be glad that all of our kids were boys, because there would be way too much girly, frilly, shiny stuff in my house if we had had girls.  And our bank account would probably be a lot slimmer because jewelry is way more expensive than video games.  Also, he was threatening to shoot all guys that dared to date any prospective daughter of his, so I think, in the long run, everyone wins because we had boys.

Of course, I am holding back a few pieces of choice jewelry for potential daughters in law and granddaughters.  Because you know God is up there picking out a little girly girl for my future, right?  He seriously needs to step up here and provide something I can put pink on.  Even if it is a metal chicken.




  1. I want to be related to you. I like pretty shiny things too!

    FYI, opals bring good luck to the person they are given to as a gift.

    I'd say if you like giving your neices who aren't old enough to wear or appreciate said pretty shiny things, go to Claire's next time. They have very cool pretty shiny things that don't cost a fortune. Hold on to the good stuff until they graduate or some big occassion. Claires...I'm telling ya!


  2. Karyle,

    Sorry, I'm running out of jewelry. LOL I didn't know opals bring good luck if gifted. I mean Justin gave me a bunch and this year our luck has totally sucked. WTH? I hope my niece has much better luck when she receives my jewelry!

    I have a necklace that I bought after Juliana died at a thrift store up in New York for $4. It's a beautiful cloisonne butterfly and I think it was meant to be a child's necklace because it is tight on me. I am going to give that to my youngest niece, along with a copy of my first children's book, The Butterfly Princess.

    I love giving gifts that make kids' eyes light up. It's just such a fun thing. But now I've set the bar pretty high!



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