Thursday, July 7, 2011

Helpful Authors

Hi all,

I got this from one of my authors in my email today and it really sums up what I am trying to get across about the book:

In a way, that's also my feeling about the guidelines themselves. Of course, it's your book, and so you're in charge of the guidelines and of what you want the result to be. But I wonder if the guidelines couldn't be relaxed somewhat? Yes, the stories need to have a positive flavour whilst being honest about people's struggles. But does it really matter if certain elements (such as medication, mis-diagnoses, etc) aren't covered in every single chapter? Wouldn't that make the chapters a bit too same-y in any case? My own feeling is that as long as they generally meet the guidelines, and they tell a personal story and have something positive along with them, then it will be a varied, moving book that would really help any readers who will be bound to feel able to identify with so much.

So, consider the guidelines relaxed and just be creative, okay?  I got an amazing story yesterday that did not really follow the "rules" I set out, but it is perfect exactly the way it is!

Have some fun with your story, because God knows some days it's hard to remember what was fun about our lives "before."

And now, I'm going to try to come up with something else to talk about for awhile!  Thanks to Michael, for such an astute observation.  And I love the way the British spell "flavor!"


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