Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harry Potter vs. Agoraphobia

So yesterday I thought I might take Joey out to see the last Harry Potter movie at the "new" local Alamo Drafthouse, which has been here, like, I don't know, four(?) years.  But the agoraphobia totally stopped me, so we watched Chamber of Secrets in the family room and then I bribed him with popcorn and guilt to watch another movie with me...which he bailed on as soon as his popcorn ran out.  Apparently, I'm not very entertaining. I think as a mother, I've pretty much failed completely when the Wii games are more fun.

Then again, those video games really rock and I'm just Mom on the couch, right?

So then I watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid by myself.  Seriously.  And ate fudge stripe cookies and finished the popcorn.  Which explains why I didn't want the pizza we ordered when Justin got home.

I think dieting ranks up there with exercising.  They both suck.  It's much more fun to overeat junk food and let my mind turn into some kind of pea soup by watching bad cable movies and posting status updates on Facebook.  But I still think I'm kind of fun to watch movies with and I'm willing to order anything off of pay per view as a bribe for a kid to sit and watch with me.  Well, actually, I probably wouldn't watch Spartacus with any of my kids because I'd be embarrassed by the sex scenes and they would probably be looking aside at me like oh my God, my mom had to have had sex at least three times...ewww!

But the point is that I still haven't been to the freaking Alamo because I can't convince myself I won't run into someone I don't want to see there and I spaz out every time I think about actually going anywhere.  And the more bad stuff that happens, the harder it gets for me to go out.  Hmmm...there might be more than a coincidence there.

Don't they have a pill for this kind of thing?  Oh wait.  I'm already taking them.  Hey, shrink guy.  The pills are. not. working.  Might be time to try something else.



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