Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Declutter Bear

Mom, I apologize ahead of time for my life.  I am probably so not the daughter you envisioned!

For those times when you are feeling slightly unmotivated to decrapify your house:

Declutter, But Not Me!

Does anyone else think this is one creepy-ass bear?  Okay, here's the story:

For Christmas last year, my mother took my grandmother's old bathrobe to a friend who makes teddy bears.   My grandmother passed away several years ago and my mother had worn the robe quite a bit before deciding that she would like to have it made into teddy bears for herself, her daughter (me!), and my cousins.  She may have had one made for her sister too.  My short term memory sucks.

Anyway, the bear came with a card, which I kept but couldn't find for the picture, with the salutation that the bear was made from my grandmother's bathrobe, her name, and birth and death years.  And so I came to be in possession of the Declutter Incentive Bear you see in the picture above.

At the time, I was kind of going with the whole Christmas spirit thing and was frankly feeling a little sentimental about this bear.  I thanked my mother and told her, "No, of course I don't think it's creepy!"  And took the little guy up to our bedroom, where he sat with the other stuffed animals cluttering up our joint bedroom.  I'm sure Justin loves the bunny rabbit my dad gave me when I had the hysterectomy, the teddy bear with roses that he had sent to my office for Valentine's Day just to prove to a co-worker for me that she wasn't the only one with a nice husband (yes, I asked him to do it - so sue me), and a couple other teddy bears which I have actually donated to Goodwill in the past few months.

When I put my desk back up in the bedroom, I could feel that bear's eyes on me.  I had him on my desk.  Then I had him on the bookcase.  But no matter where he was in my room, his eyes were boring into me.  I couldn't shake that creepy-ass bear stare.

After stumbling across my favorite website for decluttering, written by Colleen from Australia, I realized that this bear kind of represents "obligation clutter."  The truth is, the longer I had the bear, the more creeped out I was getting.  Until today, when I realized hey.  This bear can be the motivation for me to keep up the decluttering.  I have donated literally hundreds of items over the past few months, but I still have a ways to go.  All of a sudden, my bear is no longer clutter!  And I wish I had a way to market him, but I'm not a computer savvy, techno-marketing person, so for now, feel free to copy the image to your computer and use it to help keep you motivated. And now I am in love with this bear!

It's a shame there aren't more bathrobes lying around, although my mom told me today that when she dies, she's going to have her friend make one of her t-shirts into a bear for me, just to poke at me from heaven.  She offered to take the Declutter Bear off my hands and I said, "No way.  Now this bear has motivation power."  My plan is to keep the bear until every single item of unwanted and unused clutter is out of my house, I have gotten my entire family in on the decluttering, and once my house is clean and clutter free, I will keep it as a reminder not to bring in a lot of new crap that will thwart my efforts to keep it that way.

I think I'm going to put it with the metal chickens.  These things aren't clutter, people.  They are art!

Stay tuned for pics of things I have gotten rid of recently.



  1. Hi Chelle,
    the bear isn't nearly as scary or bazaar as I expected him to be. I think I know what is wrong with him though, his eyes are set too far appart. I wonder if they can be reset.Aside from that he is rather cute but clutter is clutter. I do like the idea of keeping him as motivation though.

  2. Hi Chelle! Hey the bear is not that ugly...The way you described it I was expecting a lot more on the icky factor :-D. Congratulations on making the bear into a stand. Good luck on your decluttering!

  3. Chelle, I think it's AWESOME how well you are doing with decluttering your house! That is a great feat! I'm glad that bear has so mch power to movtivate you! I decluttered a lot in recent months myself, and I know how great it feels when you are able to relax in your home and not hate everything around you. It gives you peace of mind. Everyone deserves peace of mind. Don't give up, as it takes constant work to stay clutter free (or close to it), and I'm sure that you can do it. I'm not so sure about those metal chickens though...I need to see pictures.

  4. Hmmm...okay, maybe he's not as creepy as I made him out to be. I guess the point is that it creeped ME out that he's made from my grandmother's bathrobe? And Colleen, the eyes definitely are a problem!

    This bear is now my favorite possession and is sitting in my family room in a place of honor on my bookshelves. He will inspire me to keep going. I am about to get rid of a bunch of my teacups - -maybe keep only one or two that I really like - and a pitcher that I gave my mom flowers in that she gave to me when the flowers died. It's got a Thomas Kinkade painting on it and it's pretty, but he went out of style in the 90's, I'm pretty sure. I'm still working on the dining room for some reason, which is probably the LEAST cluttered room in my house.

    Thanks for the comments. It makes me so happy that I am getting some now!


  5. Oh, and I promise metal chicken pictures. I have been saving all of the different poses that I have put them into for my friend to cheer her up. I was thinking of doing a whole metal chicken book or something, but I will share one or two of the pics I have taken. Or come up with a new place for them. I have chickens gardening, chickens spooning, chickens facing off with my youngest son, etc...



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