Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fibro Fog Eats My Brain

Hey, I need just a little help here.

Recently I asked people to write to me and let me know if they were out there scribbling away at their chapter entry for my chronic illness book.  Unfortunately, due to a cosmic and chronic state of brain fart, I did not actually write anything down when I got responses.  Which now means I have four saved stories, my own half written, and no idea if there are people out there writing and anticipating sending in an entry before the end of September or if y'all have moved on to something way more interesting than what it's like to live with a chronic, sucky illness.

If it's the former, good for you.  I love it when people can focus on something besides their chronic pain and if you have figured out how that works, could you please share it with me because I know my husband and kids are tired of listening to me whine.

If it's the latter, could you please either email me at (again) or put a comment up on Toni's facebook page.  If you are on my facebook page and want to leave me a wall post, feel free to do that as well.

Right now, I have four chapters saved for revision for Michael, Amberlin, Kathy, and Sarah-Louise.  Carol, I know you are working on yours.  And there's mine, which is half written.  That does not a book make, so please let me know if you are writing for me so this project doesn't stagnate and end before it begins!  It's my baby and I'd really like to pursue it.

Thanks and I hope you are having a pretty wonderful, pain-free day today.




  1. I'll try and send you my latest version this week, Chelle. I wasn't quite happy with the original, and the version on my blog doesn't quite fit with your book so I'm working on a combination of the two. Don't worry, though - it won't be very different at all from the original! It's still the same piece.

    Hope you get more entries soon. The book deserves to get published.

  2. Michael, I have two versions of your story saved, but I think we really overdid it on the restrictions with what you could write. I am kind of rethinking it after getting Amberlin's story and I now believe I want each story to be individual to the author.

    Maybe my only guideline is that it needs to be about what your illness is and how you cope with it and other than that, go creatively crazy with it. If it's well written and flows, it will go in the book. If it's full of bad spelling, grammatical errors, ranting, and is negative in every way, it doesn't get included. What do you think?

    No rush on getting your updated story in to me. Obviously, this is not going anywhere in the next few days! LOL I hope I get more too, because I would really like to get this book out there.



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