Thursday, July 7, 2011

Book Submissions - Guideline Revisions!

I got a comment on the "How to be Sick" facebook page saying that someone thought I would have been bombarded with stories and have way too many by now.  I want to address that and talk about the submissions guidelines just a bit.

I have received four entries that I think are well written and interesting enough to include in the book.  I would like to have twenty well written stories at the very least.  So if you believe you have a good story and you would like to have your voice heard, I still have plenty of room for you.

I had one person tell me that the September 30 deadline would probably be something she could not meet.  I want to emphasize very strongly that the deadline is definitely flexible.  I understand that the people who are writing for me are dealing with illness that might make it hard to commit to a deadline.  If you think you want to have your story included and do not think you can make my September deadline, please email me at and I will be happy to discuss this with you.

I do not have a publication date in mind yet.  That will be determined by when I have enough well written entries and have been able to put everything together into a cohesive and interesting book.  We want people to know what we are living with every day and to raise awareness for invisible illnesses.  Just because we look fine does not mean that we are fine!  Most of us have bad days and good days, right?

So please, go ahead and write your story and send it in!  I look forward to receiving any and all submissions for this project.  It took me three years to get this idea to this point.  There is no hurry to finish it.  Let's tell people about our lives and get the word out there.


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