Sunday, July 3, 2011

Awesome and Not So Awesome

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Kylie and my Teddy Bear

The following are in no particular order:

Things that aren't so awesome:

Needing something from the store on a holiday weekend
Traffic (also on a holiday weekend)
When the scanner goes down the second I get to it
The dog always being on the wrong side of the door (always!  Geez, is he a toddler???)
Friends and family who are sick
Chronic pain
Not knowing when I've done enough or being able to just stop!!!
Things that are totally awesome:

My pharmacist at Martins who gets me 90 days worth of meds for one copay
  (Kyla, you rock!!!  I promise I'm going to write that letter.)
Summer fruit - raspberries and cherries and watermelon, oh my!
Finding cool seeds to plant in my garden and containers
My kitty, Kylie (see above)
My awesome husband who will be home in time to grill the steaks
My oldest son wanting to go to JMU (go Dukes!)
Finding a great cable series on the extra premium channel they threw into the deal - Camelot on Starz - fantastic!



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