Sunday, June 5, 2011

Was the Decluttering Worth the Pain?

As I begin (at 11:30) another Sunday, I am reflecting on whether my frantic decluttering efforts of the last week were worth it.  Sometimes being manic is a terrible thing when you have fibromyalgia.  I am currently in my desk chair, but I don't think I'll be in it for long.  I see an afternoon on the couch with a couple of cable movies and maybe trying yet again to work on my canvas ribbons and butterflies, which I really, really hope I can sell for pediatric cancer research money.

But, I thought I would share some of the things that I did get rid of or are going out of the house soon before I go settle in with either a book or the television.

I bought this bottle of bubble bath before we moved to Winchester in 2005.  It was beautifully rose scented for a long time and I kept it on my soaking tub not only as a useful item, but also as a decorative one.  Yesterday, I realized that the bubble bath was so old, it had turned green.  Into the trash it went.

I bought this watch at Fashion Bug maybe three years ago because every wrist watch I've ever bought dies within a week.  Is there a chemical thing where the body reacts to the watch and stops the battery?  Whatever, I thought this was cute and I could clip it to my purse so I would be able to tell what time it was.  I never clipped it to anything and when I pulled it out of the jewelry box yesterday, the battery was dead.  Since everyone now has a cell phone with the time on it and I didn't think it would sell with a dead battery (I think I paid $6 for it originally), I just threw it out.

When the kids were little, Justin used to delight in getting a pumpkin for each of them and carving really interesting designs with these pumpkin carving kits.  We had the best pumpkins on the block.  Now, it's unusual for us to even buy a pumpkin as the kids are getting older and don't have as much interest.  This partial kit was in a file drawer of a file cabinet I would like to get cleaned out and get rid of.  I'm starting with the pumpkin carving kit.  It's only some of the kit, so it's trash too.

I also found this in the same filing cabinet.  It's an unopened package of wall cutouts for a toddler's room.  My mother had made a toddler bed quilt and a wall hanging that matched these perfectly.  I used the quilt and wall hanging in Joey's room, but never opened this to put it on his walls.  He now has a double sized bed and Mario Brothers posters hanging in his room and these will go onto either Craig's List or Ebay with the wall hanging and quilt.  Somebody's little boy will get a kick out of a very cheaply decorated room.

Finally, I spent some time yesterday with a box of books from the basement.  I guess I forgot to snap a picture, but the box is full to the brim and I had no business carrying it up the stairs.  My motto is always I'm going to do it and I know it's probably going to hurt later.  Oh well.  I brought the books up and made a list and put it up on Facebook with an offer to anyone in the immediate area to come and get them.  The ones that my friends and neighbors do not want will be donated to the local library, along with some that I cull from the bookshelves in the family room.

As you can see, I am getting pretty dedicated to clearing the crap out of my house, or "decrapifying."  It took a lot of years to build up all of this stuff and it's going to take awhile to get rid of it, especially because I will have to take breaks for days here and there to do other things - you know, writing, resting, being depressed.  Luckily, when I'm manic, I tend to get overzealous about getting rid of stuff, so on the days when I am decluttering, I usually declutter a lot.  Things get thrown out, donated, sold before Justin can say hey, wait a minute, don't get rid of my stuff.

I'm trying really hard to stick with only getting rid of my own stuff right now.  But that pile on the workbench in the garage might be driving me a little nuts.  Luckily, the hammer is on top, so I try not to look at the mess.  I think I'm going to snap a before picture, because Justin always gets around to cleaning and organizing eventually and that would make a great before and after set of pictures for Colleen over at 365 less things.

I'm not sure if I will have an item for decluttering today, but I have gotten so much stuff out of the house in the last two weeks, maybe I'm due for a day off?  I think this Sunday is going to be a day of rest.  Or at least an afternoon of rest.



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